Monday, December 14, 2009

It Coulda Been a Contenda [Edit]

Taking a film quote from one of Michael's thespian heroes, Marlon Brando in The Waterfront, news comes today that the New York Film Critic's Circle awarded Steve McQueen with the Best First Film prize for 'Hunger'. This is a great honor as the NYFCC is a barometer for all things Oscar precursor. I just can't help but think that had Hunger been marketed properly, had IFC just tossed in a few bucks, this film would have won more accolades here in the states.

At In Contention, a few notable Hunger fans added their two cents to their glee of seeing Hunger being honored -

From In Contention Editor, Kristopher Tapley:
But honestly, the only award that made me say, “Nice,” was the Best First Feature prize for Steve McQueen’s “Hunger,” which was released in Los Angeles last December and landed on my top 10 list as a result, but didn’t make it to New York until 2009.

Nel said...

Right full list out – they give an award to Steve McQueen for Hunger but think that Clooney was better then Michael Fassbender.

Damn this is why I love these things…

Ross said...

By the way, I’m very proud of being the one (I believe) who predicted the win for HUNGER.

Guy Lodge said...

“Of Time and the City” and “Hunger” are pretty inspired choices.

Frankly, I’m fine with “The Hurt Locker” cruising, even if it’s not the most unexpected outcome … I always get excited when films I love win big, anyway.

In other Michael news, well, there's nothing at this very moment. I have gone out looking for the Blackbook magazine, but it's SOLD OUT at the places I have been to thus far and that's kinda pissing me off. I have one more place to look, after that, F it, it's ok. I did pimp one friend who works at Borders to see if she can get me a copy scott free.

Inglourious Basterds DVD is out this week. I don't know when I'll have the extra money to buy it as it's a very difficult time of year with Christmas shopping and regular bills to continue to pay. But I will try to get it as soon as I can. I'm anxious to see if Michael will be a part of any of the Special Features and cast interviews.

ETA: Anon poster brought to our attention a new Michael interview at Under The Radar. Click on the link and read it. Very interesting comments about *the scene* in Red Road vs *the scene* in Fish Tank.


Anonymous said...

Great that Hunger won!
Here's is a new and ineresting interview:

Simone said...

Thank you for bringing this to our attention! :)

I know Michael has seen Red Road, but I'm curious if he freaked out a bit about if Andrea was going to demand from him in Fish Tank what she demanded from Tony Curran.