Monday, December 28, 2009

Michael and Andrea in Brooklyn

It appears that Michael will be attending a screening of Fish Tank with Andrea Arnold at the Brooklyn Academy of Music's Rose Cinema on Thursday, January 7th at 7pm. You can buy tickets to attend if you are in the NYC area. There will be a Q&A with them after the screening of the film. I won't be able to attend because I don't have the stalker gene, but it surely would have been fun and great to see him again. The next time I'll see Fish Tank will probably be when it comes out on DVD. It looks like Michael is starting the year off great. I reckon he will start filming 'A Single Shot' in January too.

I sent out the December 24th edition of FNN last Thursday, but when I received my copy, it went straight into my spam folder. I hope subscribers are aware of this potential problem on their end and make sure to modify your email settings to receive FNN straight into your email.

Thanks Leah for your kind comments in the guestbook, I really appreciate it. xoxo


DEZMOND said...

who's Andrea Arnold??? Never heard of that woman before.

Simone said...

Dezmond, just google her. She is the director of Fish Tank, and she directed 'Red Road' in 2006. Won the Jury Prize in Cannes for that film too back in '06, and she won an Oscar for a short documentary 'Wasp' in 2005. She's a female director to watch. :)

camille infante said...

I wanna go to this but I don't know anyone who would want to come with =[

Simone said...

You should really try to go as it would be a great opportunity outside of a TIFF setting to participate in a Q&A film screening with Michael. Also, you can go as a FF Special Assignment Reporter (wink) and let us all know what happened, AND take pictures.

Please consider it. Sometimes you just have to go to things by yourself in order to not miss out on it.