Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Michael's Tongue and Awards Prognostication

Remember that funny Cannes interview in May when Michael declared that his tongue was the sexiest most important part of him? Yeah. Uh-huh. Well, I found this 'new-to-me' tongue photo of Michael on an Italian website - it was the only one they had of him, and I swear to Buddha I've never seen this before - I would have remembered that tongue!

Anyhoo, by now you all may have noticed that I changed the FF banner. I have enjoyed the previous two versions, but it has been looking very image heavy some days when I have a new image at the top of a new post (like where the Tongue pic is located), and then I have the lovely black leather pants sidebar image to your left, and sometimes there is an image at the top position on the right sidebar, and then there was the previous three-image FF banner. It served it's purpose fine, but a change was long over due.

Since I'm totally lacking in talent in creating a brand spanking new original banner all by myself, I found a neat free banner website where I was able to pick out the new FF banner. And the cool thing about it is that I got about a dozen different colours of the new banner. So if Michael is doing some fancy red carpet event stuff, the FF banner will be in red. If it's St. Patrick's Day or something going down in Ireland, the FF banner will be green. If he wins an Oscar, the FF banner will be in gold, etc. See, ain't I clever? I hope you enjoy the more sophisticated look of the text banner instead of an image focused banner style.

On Sunday night, I did not bother to update FF, but I did post on the FassFass Twitter that Andrea Arnold won the Best Director at the BIFAs (the first female director to win that award), and Katie Jarvis won for Best Newcomer. Michael was not at the event, or if he was, he steered clear of the red carpet and cameras. I thought he was a strong contender to win it, as I can't be bothered to even recall the name of the chap who actually won. And based on some comments over at In Contention about another winner, I have come to the conclusion that BAFTA will not pay much attention to Michael or Fish Tank either because BAFTA has a goal to immulate the Oscars. And since Fish Tank will not be eligible for Oscar consideration in March (because it will premiere in the US in January), BAFTA has made note of this and will use that fact to ignore Fish Tank.

Think about it. Why praise a small British production that has won many awards including a Jury Prize at Cannes if it will be ineligible for Oscar consideration? But to me, that's all the more reason to possibly acknowledge it with BAFTA nominations at least. But BAFTA will probably not waste anytime with Fish Tank, if they do, I will be surprised. Because, in their effort to be the award ceremony to watch before the Oscars, they will be savvy as to which films will only be on the Oscars radar - screw genuine Indy British productions that would otherwise qualify for BAFTA consideration. When it comes to awards prognosticating, it's my crack, so I'm all on top of it. I still have a lot to learn from the Oscarologist Masters at Awards Daily and In Contention, but I'm coming along well enough to share my thoughts confidently with my readers. After the bs snubbing of Hunger last year, I now know how BAFTA and Oscar rolls. It's not fair, but, then again, life's not fair.


Anonymous said...

John Henshaw won best supporting actor at BIFA and very well deserved for a great performance in one of the best films of 2009 - Looking for Eric - I love it and I remain disappointed in Fish Tank and in Michael's performance in it. You are probably right in what you say about BAFTA. Its been great the past few years seeing the British film industry have a real showcase event but its gone too far in mimicking the Oscars - needs to take a risk and celebrate British & Irish talent on the world stage. I was outraged last year at the lack of recognition for Michael but this year just ain't his year for BAFTA. His time will come for this though I have no doubt. If they can only get Birdsong off the ground its potentially great.

Elena and Olga said...

Simone, we’re very sorry, but Michael don’t talk about his tongue as “the most sexual part of his body”, rather as an important part, meaning by that the ability of well speaking and his sense of humor that helps him to answer a particularly tricky questions of journalists. Please, hear it one more time:)) By the way, it seems that Tina already said about that exactly in comments to Cannes. It’s hardly believing that Michael in interview could said about himself like of a “liking-boy”, at least we hope so…

Simone said...

Anon, you're correct of course, I was just too lazy to double check. I will watch 'Looking for Eric' just as soon as I can. Also, I want to see 'Bronson' starring Tom Hardy, whom won the Best Actor award Sunday night.

I'm glad you understand my feelings about BAFTA's desire to become a precusor for the Oscars. They need to focus on UK productions as the Oscars will not.

Elena and Olga, thanks for the reminder about his tongue. I wrote 'sexiest' not most sexual. But instead, he did say it was an important part of him. :)

Elena and Olga said...

Simone, thanks for what you've amended the entry, because Michael have many other advantages:)