Wednesday, December 23, 2009

OMG! Fassbender, Waltz, and Cronenberg in 'The Talking Cure'

Looks like Fassinators got their Fassy Christmas present earlier because I just discovered that it has been announced that Michael will star in a movie directed by one of my most FAVORITE directors on the planet Earth - David Cronenberg!!!! I've seen all his shit, and I've seen him twice at TIFF for 'A History of Violence' and 'Eastern Promises'. If you don't know his work, which would be a really despicable thing to admit, then I strongly suggest you go to rent a DVD of his to come to understand his style. The man is dark and freaky, just like how I like it. But his work is very cerebral and suspenseful. And for 'The Talking Cure' (a 2002 play) to be his next film featuring Michael Fassbender as (Carl Jung) and Christoph Waltz as (Sigmund Freud) this is going to become his textbook definition film of a Psychological Thriller!

I'm so excited because I studied Psychology at university and I know of the works by Jung and Freud. Whilst studying psychology, I leaned more towards the Jungian theories mostly because his concepts of introversion vs extroversion. So to have Michael and Christoph star as these psychology masters who respected each others works and theories; it's just too much to absorb at the moment!!! And, Keira Knightley will star as a Russian-Jewish Psychiatric patient that sparked the studies of Jung and Freud. Three top actors and one of the best under appreciated directors working today is definitely going to make this film a must see!

Go to Slashfilm to read a bit more about the synopsis of this new project.

If we thought 2009 kicked ass for Michael, then you all will really have to hold onto your hats for him to take off in 2010!

Click on the links for background information on Carl Jung (read the section about Jung & Freud in particular) and Sigmund Freud.

-------- {more news about The Talking Cure from First Showing}

Where did this come from? Last we heard, David Cronenberg was supposed to be directing The Matarese Circle with Denzel Washington or the billionaire limo project Cosmopolis next, not some other project called The Talking Cure. Our friends at The Playlist found an odd mention of a project on the Facebook page for Australian distribution company Hopscotch Films today. There it's mentioned that they just bought a film called The Talking Cure that's being directed by David Cronenberg and will star Keira Knightley, Michael Fassbender, and Christoph Waltz. And we've never heard of this once before until today? That's kind of odd.

I did a quick search and found an old Cinematical article from 2007 stating that The Talking Cure was going to be Cronenberg's "next project." They also say it's an adaptation of Christopher Hampton's stage play of the same name, set in the early 20th century, about the famous psychoanalyst Carl Jung. The story follows Jung's relationship with a young Russian woman who was his first patient. "The Talking Cure" is the term often used to describe the fundamental work of psychoanalysis. Jung was an associate of the other famous psychologist Sigmund Freud. Now it all makes sense. Here's the way Hopscotch describes The Talking Cure:

A beautiful young woman, driven mad by her past. An ambitious doctor on a mission to succeed. An esteemed mentor with a revolutionary cure. Let the mind games begin…

So essentially it looks like Michael Fassbender is playing Carl Jung, Christoph Waltz is playing Sigmund Freud, and Keira Knightley is playing the young Russian girl who was Jung's first patient. Sound good?

According to the old Cinematical article, The Talking Cure is being produced by Jeremy Thomas, who previously produced Cronenberg's Crash and Naked Lunch. If Knightley, Fassbender, and Waltz are all cast in this, then those are some high profile names for a David Cronenberg project, especially one that has the potential to become weird. I just think Cronenberg could take this idea to some crazy places, playing with psychoanalysis and so on. That's certainly not a bad thing either. Considering that we reported in July that Cronenberg was leaving Matarese Circle, I have a feeling that he may have left Cosmopolis for this as well.

(I know it's a shock to have two FF updates in one day but I got off one of my jobs early today and came home to learn about this. Perfect timing!)

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