Friday, July 31, 2009

Quote of the Week

Instead of a photo of the week, how about a quote of the week? But the quote isn't from Michael Fassbender, it is from his co-star Josh Brolin while he was at Comic Con last weekend.

The thing I like about this comment from Josh about Michael is that it is genuine, warm hearted, and extremely respectful. Josh didn't have to say a darn thing positive about Michael, he could have just soak up all the attention the nerds were pushing onto him, but instead, he knew that most of the CC geeks didn't know who Michael was so they didn't rush him for autographs or pictures. I'm sure Michael was cool with the whole thing because at the end of the day, he got fantastic exposure from the event, and we got lots of nice photos.

On a personal side note, although I'm glad that Michael was at Comic Con, I'm sorry that he wasn't as appreciated as he deserves to be. I know I'm biased as I write for FF, but the people who went into CC not knowing who Michael is, I hope that when Basterds come out and they see him in other stuff, they will reflect back on seeing him at CC and regret not being knowledgeable about him in the beginning. I know that a lot of geeks knew of him because of '300', but the overwhelming majority did not, and that's unfortunate, but his popularity will be a different story this time next year. /end mini rant

Here's what Josh Brolin and a few other people who worked on Jonah Hex said about Michael:

Fassbender’s costars sang his praises too. “What Michael has done, I love that nobody really knows,” said Josh Brolin. “It’s like, ‘Ladies and gentleman, please come for a signing with Megan Fox and Josh Brolin, [whispers] Michael Fassbender,’ Nobody knows Michael yet. It's hilarious because we know and we know what you don't know yet. I don't know if anybody saw Hunger, it’s this very little film that not a lot of people saw, he's in Inglourious Basterds and it's not about the fucking resume per se, but it's about what he did with the role. The role was not fleshed out in the writing and what he brought to the role, this idea that he talks about of A Clockwork Orange, you see it in the teaser and to me it's the greatest moment of the teaser. This is more obvious. You see the head come up and me and Jonah and the Megan, everybody goes wow. Then you have the silence in the middle of the teaser with Michael's character spinning his hat and total silence and him just whistling and pointing that thing. Everybody reacted to that great character moment, I think it will be a resounding character for everyone for sure.”

Producer Andrew Lazar also touted how Fassbender complements Malkovich. “It was also because Malkovich’s character, Turnbull, is so rooted in the Civil War. Jonah has a backstory that’s related. So the idea of having someone that was Irish, that actually wasn’t invested in anything, that these two guys were that juxtaposition was really exciting for us, somebody that didn’t care. They weren’t rooted in this heavy backstory because they were just out for themselves.”

Director Jimmy Hayward also joined in, “He brought a detailed and humorous sensibility to a character that could’ve been simple and flat. It’s in the details.”

Then when it got too kiss uppy, Brolin brought it back down to reality. “Then I had a friend of mine that saw some dailies, didn't feel Michael did a very good Irish accent and he's from Ireland, which I love,” Brolin said.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Michael YouTube interview

I didn't anticipate having another comic con related FF article, but I found this youtube interview with Michael from this past week. It's short, but how can anyone have issues with being able to see him and hear him speak about Jonah Hex.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Final Comic Con post

I'm the man!

I found unwatermarked Comic Con Jonah Hex panel photos this afternoon, and I found one image from the Fish Tank Cannes panel that I may have overlooked before. Click on this link to see all the Comic Con unwatermarked photos.

Going into the month of August, I will be EXTREMELY busy as I am right now in the process of obtaining a couple of part-time jobs, which combined, the hours will have me working nearly around the clock. That's good for my wallet, but not so good for free time to play with Fassinating Fassbender. But don't fret, I will still be able to update it (either very early or very late in the day), however, I just may not be as on top of getting images and info to you all as quickly as I have, especially as of late. But just keep checking back daily to see what's up. Also, please feel free to email me or drop me a message via twitter if you want to get a note to me. I need to work a lot of hours to make up for the massive clusterfuck that is known as Michigan's unemployment insurance "benefits" and the sooner I correct that shit, the happier I'll be.

Re: tiff, I have made a hotel booking already for Sept 11th and 12th to just be on top of preparation planning to attend the festival. But only until the film schedule is released on August 20th, I won't know anything for sure about when Fish Tank will screen. I'm just presuming and hoping it will be that first weekend, if not, I will have to revise my plans to be there later in the week, if need be.

Michael was not at the Berlin Inglourious Basterds premiere today. Keep your eyes on the FassFass twitter for quick updates that are too brief for a full FF article.

Ok? Okey-dokey!

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Here's just one more bit from Michael's appearance at Comic Con this weekend. This is more about Michael's character, Burke, in Jonah Hex.

Fassbender explained his role in the film. “Well, I play John Malkovich’s right hand man, Burke. I guess he’s just sort of a child in a candy store, because he has this environment where he can basically do whatever he wants, which is mainly killing and creating mayhem. I think he’s a mercenary. He’s pretty self-centered in terms of doing anything that he thinks will propel himself forward. He doesn’t have any cause that he’s fighting for, and he’s pretty twisted.”

Brolin discussed Fassbender’s work and what he brought to the film. “The role was not flushed out in the writing, and what he brought to the part was this idea of ‘A Clockwork Orange’ and that kind of thing. You know, you see it in the teaser, and to me it’s the greatest moment in that. This is more obvious. You see the head come up, me as Jonah, Megan and then everybody goes, ‘Wow.’ Then you have the silence in the middle of the teaser with Michael’s character spinning his hat in total silence, just whistling and pointing that thing and everybody reacted to that great character moment. I think it will be a resounding character for everyone.”

Sounds like Michael's character is an awesome villain!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

More Michael from Comic Con

This is a cool picture of the three of them, they could be a rock band.

The Jonah Hex thread at ONTD! totally ignored Michael and they even cropped him out of a few pictures. WTF? Don't they know who he is? They are all so crazy over that chick and I'm seeing my worse fears come true, the promotion of Jonah Hex will be focused on the girl and that's so damn wrong!

And here is the YouTube video of the Jonah Hex panel. An anon poster in the previous blog entry stated that they felt that Michael came across as arrogant. What do you think? After I viewed it (posted my comment there) I didn't see anything about Michael that should be perceived as arrogant. Also, we need to keep in mind that the audience at Comic Con is a bit stranger and more unusual than the typical panel a star sits on when answering questions about their film. So Michael and others may not be as comfortable as they normally would in that situation. Heck, I was embarrassed in my home watching this video with these nerds fawning over Megan, and them asking Josh questions about the film while dressed up for Halloween, and not asking Michael anything in the clip we see. The man is just sitting there and trying to enjoy the thing and do his job. He was fine.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Michael at Comic Con

Just adding five more Getty Images of Michael, Josh, and Megan.
About one of Michael's villainous scenes: There's a fantastic shot of Michael Fassbender sitting on a train track with a dynamite plunger in a long, quiet scene where he whistles, waiting for the train. (Fassbender explained in the panel that his character came a lot from Alex in "A Clockwork Orange" and it's very easy to see on-screen).
Damn watermark messing up part of Michael's face. But, we see some delicious tummy.
Megan Fox is a pretty lady, but she needs sooooooo much makeup in order to look just a gorge as Michael naturally is. 'Tis a shame. *smirk*

No wonder he didn't make it to the IB premiere in London yesterday, he's at the geek festival in LA promoting Jonah Hex! I just found out per this twit a few moments ago:

ones2watch4 Michael Fassbender, Megan Fox and Josh Brolin are on stage!! 27 minutes ago from TwitterBerry

Fun play-by-play just posted about the Jonah Hex panel from Cinemablend:

11:52 Jonah Hex trailer features no less than two shots of Josh Brolin and Megan Fox having sex. Now Michael Fassbender, Megan Fox and Josh Brolin are taking the stage. Poor Michael Fassbender-- the real film geeks in here know who you are!

11:55 "Fuckin' A, right?" Josh Brolin asks the audience. Megan Fox drops an F-bomb too. This is the most badass panel of Comic Con so far.

11:56 Brolin says Jonah Hex is like Bram from The Goonies, but later. I love this man.

11:57 Michael Fassbender says he should have actually killed Megan Fox. I think he just lost the fanboy vote.

12:03 A guy gets halfway through asking Megan Fox a question about sex tapes before getting kicked out. What is with geeks and Megan Fox? If I were her, I'm not sure I would be brave enough to go up there.

12:05 "If you want to smack me or beat my ass, do it." Straight from Megan Fox's mouth, I promise. It's in the context of a fight scene with Michael Fassbender, but still. Look for that as a top google term.

12:08 After the 10th fanboy stands up and compliments Megan Fox's beauty, Michael Fassbender sitting next to her just giggle. I love this guy.

Michael was a no show in London

I was anticipating that for the first Basterds premiere outside of Cannes, that Michael Fassbender was going to attend the London premiere yesterday. There was even a few reports stating that he would be there. Then the premiere came and went, and there was no sign of him. In fact, with Michael MIA, no Melanie Laurent, no Eli Roth, and no BRAD PITT (Angelina was in Iraq on a UN mission, so Brad had babysitting duty), the premiere was pretty bland. Check out the images from ONTD!, if you're a Diane Kruger fan, then you will be happy to see her. When I started to review the red carpet images and I saw that Rhianna chick and Mickey Rourke, I knew the premiere was going to be dull. It's amazing the star power that Michael has now and how him not being there can dim down the star wattage.

Of course I have no idea why he wasn't there, but I'm sure he's so busy, probably on a little holiday, or doing prep work for Bird Song. Or, maybe he just didn't want to go, actors do have that option to not attend premieres in certain cities. However, they are obligated to attend at least one in a major city, so I reckon he's saving himself for the German premiere and most definitely the LA one.

Well, since there are no red carpet discussions for Michael this week, there's not much else to report about at the moment. I'm emotionally drained as it's been a difficult past few days for me due to some personal issues. But like the saying goes, 'This too shall pass'.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

A glorious week of Michael is ahead

Why am I making a Sunday morning post? I dunno. I found this Inglourious Basterds image last night, so I put it up on the FassFass twitter. I also found at Reximages a new but tiny Archie Hicox/Fassbender image to your right. The thing I dislike about reximages is that they are just plain ole stingy basterds when it comes to their photos. You have to be a "professional" in order to register, and then donate a blood sample, and give your shoe size before they will give you a password so that you can view a slightly larger 'preview' of the minature thumbnails they have up on their website. Needless to say, I much prefer Getty Images and Wireimage, they aren't so anal about people viewing their pictures, if one doesn't mind the watermarks. So, I captured the damn itty bitty picture of Michael as Archie in a still from the movie I have yet to see, so, for what it's worth, it serves its purpose here and now.

Anyhoo, sadly, no pictures from Michael's Galway Masterclass have been released, but, there is an audio interview with Michael, so give it a listen when you have a moment.

Lastly, my tiff plans are forming nicely. Even though I've been laid off, my spirits are doing ok and that's mostly due to the kindness of a dear friend in Toronto. I also had a second interview with a cool part-time gig on Saturday, but I won't know anything until Monday (cross fingers). I still don't know if I'm going to drive to tiff or not as my drive to Toronto two weeks ago went very well (only a 5 hour drive), I so want to take the train as it's such a fun and relaxing ride, but in these dire and harrowing economic times, I could save a most precious $200 by driving my ass there. Shamelessly, I am accepting "Destination: tiff" donations in an effort to raise funds for my tiff trip via my paypal link near the bottom of my sidebar if anyone is so inclined. Thanks a million in advance.

Friday, July 17, 2009


Happy Friday! Cheers! I'm getting lazy, need to do more snooping and better researching.
Here is a less obnoxious watermarked image of the one above - a much better view of his, open shirt. Yes.
Michael attended the Ischia Global Film & Music Fest 2009 - In Ischia, Italy on
07/14/2009 -
Psst, he wasn't alone. Ahem ;) But trust, it's all good! :DHere's a candid photo of Michael seen at the bottom right corner, enjoying a concert at the festival this week.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Many of these look very similar, but at least the watermarks have been removed.

New scans of Michael's GQ photoshoot!

Run to your nearest book store and buy the August 2009 issue of GQ magazine with Channing Tatum on the cover (why in the hell is he on the cover instead of Michael, the Lord only knows?!) It's $3.99 on sale right now, starting on page 98!!!
A guy twitted about an hour ago that he got his copy of GQ and enjoyed Michael's photoshoot. Upon learning this, I literally ran across the street to the Barnes & Noble and made a bee line to the 'Mens Interests' section, and reviewed the magazine with abated breath.
When I happened upon page 98, it was like 'Hot Damn!!!!' This is not a one pager! It's a Fassygasm!
Simone, Shhhh! Thankfully no one else was in the magazine aisle with me because a few cuss words escaped from my mouth. It was all in good gest, shock, and happiness.
THIS should have been the August 2009 GQ cover photo! Phwoar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is the first time I scanned images from my new printer, and I got the printer/scanner for this purpose, to be on top of sharing fantastic new pictures of Michael from a magazine shoot! Perfect! I'm glad this particular issue of GQ is a kick ass issue too, chock full of interesting articles and a piece on Quentin Tarantino and Inglourious Basterds. I will write to the editors of GQ thanking them for this lovely surprise photoshoot, but perhaps NEXT time, Michael gets the cover!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Win tickets to London Premiere of Inglourious Basterds

It's not confirmed yet, but Michael Fassbender could be there on July 23rd!!

Wow, time is really flying as I forgot that Inglourious Basterds will be coming out just next month and its London premiere is just NEXT WEEK! That means Fassy may be on the red carpet NEXT WEEK, in London!!! Ok, so all you London/UK based FF readers, go to the Mixed Bag to enter this competition. The only condition I have is that if you win, you gotta share your exclusive story with FF. LOL! Do we have an accord? Great.

Good luck!

Here's more info:

Win tickets to the London premiere of Inglourious Basterds

Posted by Team Boxwish on 15 July 2009 at 11.15AM

Brad Pitt is a Basterd!” Apparently so are Eli Roth and Diane Kruger. No, we’re not getting nasty, just enjoying some of the tag-lines for the much-hyped return of Quentin Tarantino with Inglourious Basterds. The rip-roaring ensemble World War II action adventure sees a group of Jewish-American soldiers known as “the Basterds” hunt down Nazis and led by Pitt’s Lieutenant Aldo Raine, they mean business (“Each and every man under my command owes me one hundred Nazi scalps… and I want my scalps!” he hollers). And while the rest of us will have to wait until the 21st August to catch the latest effort from the Chin, one lucky person and a chum can see it almost a month earlier by winning a pair of tickets to the London premiere. Read on for more info.

The competition, run by free London newspaper, The Metro offers the chance to walk the red carpet at the showbiz event to be held at Leicester Square on Thursday 23rd July. No names have been confirmed to attend, but fans will be hoping to see Pitt, maybe his equally famous lady love Angeline Jolie, and the movie’s other stars including Roth, Kruger, 300’s Michael Fassbender and Mike Myers (yes, he of the Austin Powers and Shrek movies).

Simply head to the website here and click through to enter the competition. Good luck and here’s to the Basterds!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Ok Galway Fleadh, now what? {edited}

Although I had a very busy weekend, out and about, it was on the back of my mind about how was Michael Fassbender's Masterclass programme at the Galway Film Fleadh coming along. The class was on Saturday, and the screening of Fish Tank took place on Sunday. But yet, there is still no new word or images from the weekend. I'm hopeful some will pop up today at the Facebook of The Galway Film Fleadh as per their message from Sunday: Galway Film Fleadh Where did the weekend go? Sunday already - we'll get some photographs up soon!
Yesterday at 8:36am

And proving useful as always, on Twitter, I found these two messages lately about Michael at Galway. This first one was posted this morning:

EilCon Went to a masterclass with Michael Fassbender over the weekend. Absolutely brilliant, what a legend! about 2 hours ago from web

**ETA: Here is an update as EilCon replied back to me when I asked her via FassFass Twitter what was the Masterclass with Michael like. Here's what she said:

EilCon@FassFass It was great. He was so genuine and down to earth. Really inspiring from a struggling actors point of view!I think it's excellent she refers to Michael as a legend. He must be such an inspiration to young Irish actors who want a progressive and impressive work history like Michael's. I just can't wait to read actual reports. Maybe EilCon will write more about the masterclass, but it seems that twitters who twit about Michael Fassbender, become very shy when you post an inquiry back to them. Hmmmm.

And this was posted on Sunday:

PaulNeilan Met Michael Fassbender on a fast bender with his entourage in Galway
1 day ago from web

This guy's comment made me giggle... Fassy has an "entourage"? That is so cool! Well, I didn't expect him to just be walking about all his own, but an entourage in general comprises of AT LEAST half a dozen minders and muscle and I just think it rocks that our boy has a team on his side already. Cool! Based on the time Paul's twit was posted, it was around 9:30 am EST, so that would have been around 3:30 GMT, and I think Fish Tank was screened Sunday afternoon in the final day of the Fleadh.

So there you have it, a little update, but a fun one with some intriguing little info. I'll update FF again just as soon as I find something more concrete about Michael at Galway this weekend.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Galway Advertiser Michael Fassbender Interview

In preparation for Michael's Fleadh Masterclass at Galway this Saturday, The Galway Advertiser had a phone interview with Michael. Unfortunately, they did not include new photos in the interview, so I added a little Fassy imagery spice to their article in reprinting it here at FF.

Michael Fassbender

Galway Advertiser, July 09, 2009.

- a soldier’s life on the big screen - By Kernan Andrews

AS AN actor, Michael Fassbender has been living a soldier’s life these past 10 years. Since appearing in Band Of Brothers, the Kerryman has gone on to star as a Greek warrior in 300, as IRA MP and hunger striker Bobby Sands in Hunger, and in August we will see him back on the big screen as a British army officer in Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds.

Michael Fassbender will be in Galway this weekend as one of the principle guests at this year’s Galway Film Fleadh. Hunger will be screened tomorrow at 1.30pm in the Omniplex and he will give the Actors’ Masterclass on Saturday. In this exclusive interview, Michael talks about the experience of playing Bobby Sands and working with Quentin Tarantino.

From Kerry to Sparta

Michael was born in Heidelberg in Baden-W├╝rttemberg in southwest Germany to an Irish mother and German father in 1977. When Michael was two, he and his parents moved to Killarney, where he grew up and where his unusual name did not go unnoticed.

“You can imagine the combinations of ‘Fass’ and ‘Bender’ you can have and you would have the piss taken out of you,” Michael tells me over the phone from Los Angeles on a Monday evening. “In the family you would have O’Sullivan’s one side and Fassbenders on the other so you did stand out like a sore thumb. It was interesting when I was younger but it turned out all right.”

During his teens Michael took up the electric guitar “because I wanted to be in a heavy metal band but I wasn’t talented enough”. However his mother’s love of film and drama classes at his local school of St Brendan’s College in Killarney convinced him that his future lay in acting.

“It was the films my mother suggested to me,” says Michael. “The 1970s American new wave films by Coppolla, Scorsese, those influenced me. A major factor in deciding to go into acting was the drama classes in St Brendan’s. Doing a couple of classes gave me the buzz. De Niro, Brando, and Pacino were heroes. I wanted to try and emulate them. At 17 that’s when I decided what I wanted to do.”

Michael’s first major breakthrough as an actor came in 2001 when he played the role of Sgt Burton ‘Pat’ Christenson in the acclaimed WWII TV series Band Of Brothers, produced by Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks. It was to mark the start of a career playing numerous military men in the midst of war - his first major role as a film actor would be in a war movie, albeit one set in ancient times.

300, the film adaptation of Frank Miller’s graphic novel, based on the Spartan’s heroic last stand against the Iranian army at the pass of Thermopylae in 480 BC, saw Michael take on the role of the Spartan Stelios. A noble, courageous, warrior, Stelios, as he lies dying following the Iranians successful final assault tells King Leonidas “it is an honour to die by your side”. It was a role Michael thoroughly enjoyed.

“It was like having all the best toys,” he recalls. “We were in an amazing location and you got to relive your childhood with the best props and people training you how to fight with a sword and shield. It was always fun filming and physicality had 80 per cent to do with the character as 300 was such a visual feast. I had to make sure I could carry a sword and shield and the shield could weight 30lbs. You had to be pretty strong to carry it. We just had to carry if for a while. The Spartans would have to carry that for whole days and during battle.”


Michael’s next project would see him play a very different kind of fighter waging war in a very different way. It is also the role for which, to date, he is best known and most celebrated - IRA volunteer, prisoner, MP, songwriter, and hunger striker Bobby Sands in Hunger, Steve McQueen’s acclaimed depiction of the 1981 hunger strikes.

For the role, Michael had to lose 14 kilos and weighed about 59 kilos by the end. How gruelling an experience was it - both physically and physiologically - for Michael to lose that amount of weight and to put himself into the mind of a man on hunger strike?

“There were moments when losing weight was tough but the whole experience was more positive than negative,” he says. “There were lots of intense periods where I needed to be by myself and have that discipline to fast. Then again our ancestors did this, even as recently as my grandfather, he went on pilgrimages and fasts.

“During the fasting I had moments of euphoria during the day but at night it was horrendous. I got a flavour of what they went through, but at the end of the day I could go home. These men were doing it for real. Sands was an IRA solider who sacrificed his life in prison for what he believed in.

“I knew we had something special filmed and I didn’t want to let the rest down. I respected the topic matter and gave it the amount of preparation it needed. I was in Belfast for five weeks before making the film, getting the accent right, talking to people about what his mindset would have been in prison, what these men felt they were fighting for, and then put it away, and do what you felt was right.”

Hunger put the Irishman on the map and won Michael the best actor awards at the 2008 Chicago International Film Festival and the 2009 London Critics Circle, IFTA, and BIFA awards.

Inglourious Basterds

Michael’s next major feature film will see him play a solider once again, but as is becoming the pattern, a very different soldier in a very different setting - the role of British officer Lieutenant Archie Hicox in Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds, where he will star alongside Brad Pitt and Mike Myers. The film is set in occupied France during WWII, and concerns a group of Jewish-American soldiers whose task is to spread fear by scalping and killing Nazis.

“I enjoy doing character parts and different accents,” says Michael. “Quentin Tarantino said the character is a film critic as well as a brilliant commander who would liked to have seen himself as an actor. Tarantino gave me all these old George Sanders movies so I could take on the way they speak and hold themselves in those movies form the 1930s and 1940s.”

So what is it like to work with Tarantino?

“He’s very clear and he knows what he wants,” says Michael. “He’s a workaholic and he expects the same from you. All the preparatory work is done before you arrive on set so there’s no time to waste. He’s confident and it’s nice to be around someone with that confident and creative approach. He also really enjoys film. I’ve never come across anybody who knows film, like he does, from around the world.”

Being a Tarantino film, there was also a lot of fun on set.

“I was pinching myself being on set with these people,” says Michael. “Mike Myers is great. He’s unrecognisable from his other films. He stays in character and speaks in that accent all day. Tarantino likes to have a fun atmosphere and has music playing between takes. If anybody was found asleep, they had their photo taken with Big Gerry, a big purple dildo. People found asleep on set would have their photo taken with the dildo pointing to their mouth, etc. If you were caught three times you were out. I was never caught but there was a wall of shame with lots of people’s photos on it.”

What a great interview. Michael's personality always shines through, he has a great sense of humor and seems so appreciative for his success thus far.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Quick Fassy Bits

More bloggers who attended Cannes are coming up in Fassy searches about their experience there, specifically in reference to the Fish Tank screening. In the image above, this was taken after Fish Tank screened at Cannes and the film and its cast and director, received a standing ovation. You can see Michael and Andrea on the screen. I received an email from a reader who just watched Andrea's Red Road over the weekend, and she enjoyed the film, and it allowed her to have an idea as to the film making style of Andrea and to what to expect. It does take an open and mature mind to handle the theme of under-aged sex and the movie will be warmly received by those who are looking forward to it, and ignored by those who cannot reconcile the artistic endeavor of bringing to life an uncomfortable issue regardless if it is done professionally and responsibly.

Here is what the blogger posted about his Fish Tank screening experience:

The next night we say Andrea Arnold’s Fish Tank. It was great. Arnold’s first film Red Road won the Grand Jury Prize here in 2007. I haven’t seen it, but I’m going to now. Katie Jarvis, the 17 year old star of Fish Tank was the major acting discovery of the festival when the film premiered. Unfortunately, she couldn’t be there because she’d given birth just a few weeks before. Arnold discovered her arguing with her boyfriend on a train platform in London.

Fish Tank tells the story of a teenage girl coping with her lower class ennui with her single mother and younger sister. While the story in lesser hands (i.e. Hollywood) would have careened into some sensationalist tale of either statutory rape or kidnapping, Arnold treats both of the events that could have invited this treatment with appropriately measured care, allowing them to lend the proper amount of suspense and gravity to the story, but preventing them from dominating what is essentially an opportunity to glimpse into a very real but very foreign world. Variety put it well by noting the “lack of sentimentalizing or moralizing”. This is cinema.

In other brief Fassy news, Akiva Goldsman of Entertainment Weekly listed two actors whom he thinks will be the next big thing in 2009:

Akiva Goldsman
A producer of the Valerie Plame drama Fair Game (out late 2009) and Western horror film Jonah Hex ('10); co-wrote the screenplay for Angels & Demons.
Michael Fassbender, actor (Inglourious Basterds, Jonah Hex): ''A teacher told me, 'Before spring you can see the bud before it's about to bloom.' He's like that.''

The image above is a screencap from the Eden Lake DVD interview section. There's Michael wearing his signature color shirt. You know, I watched EL twice during the time I rented it from netflix and I have said this before, but there are some movies that I want to add to my DVD collection, and some I don't want to. Although I thought EL was well made, it just didn't sit well in my stomach, and no matter how good a job Michael did in it, nor how GOOD he looks before horror befalls him, it's not enough for me to want to watch again. Been there, done that.
And I finally found an unwatermarked copy of this image that I really like of Michael taken during the Fish Tank Cannes photocall. I know he looks a little tired, but there's something about his eyes that really draws you in to this picture. Oh, and one more thing, it seems that the latest Inglourious Basterds trailer has Michael featured it in. It's about time, and the trailer looks ok, but I tell ya, if Michael weren't in this movie, I would so not be interested in it. If you go to the link at Awards Daily, you will see the foreign movie poster that has Michael's name in third place, but of the six people on the poster, he ain't one of them. I'm not in the mood to promote artwork that don't have Michael on it.

And as a reminder, this coming Saturday, 11 July, Michael will be at the Galway Fleadh participating in the Masterclass as he is the subject. I can't wait to see how well that programme goes.