Monday, January 25, 2010

Fassbender Fotos: Oldies but Goodies

In light of all the Inglourious Basterds chatter since the Best Ensemble win at the SAGs Saturday night, Fassinating Fassbender has been receiving record visits to the blog. Hiya! Amazingly still, loads of people don't know much about Michael. I was able to find a few images that I have not seen before that I thought old fans as well as new fans will find value in.

Michael at the London '300' premiere in 2007. Three whole years ago. At the interview, a poster was clueless about Michael being in '300'. WTH? But, I understand what her problem was. She said she watched it five times and wasn't looking at their FACES. LOL! But only five times? I've seen it well over hundred times, I'm not lying. I even cite all of Stelios' dialogue. For reals.

What's so funny Michael? This was the Jonah Hex press junket during Comic Con last summer after the awkward fan Q&A where none of the no life having arrested development comic geeks didn't appreciate Michael's presence next to their Queen Megan, nor his sense of humor. This is obviously, a more mature and professional audience where Michael is having more fun. Michael was quoted in one interview afterwards saying that the CC experience was different from Cannes, and he was bummed out that the geeks "hated me". Awwwww Michael.

I posted this at the FassFass twitter the other day. I just like looking at it. I don't have an interest to see 'Eden Lake' again, but Michael did look fantastic in it... before shit hit the fan. I love horror films, I even rented the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre today, but I can't watch repeatedly an actor/actress that I adore get brutalized. It's just not normal.


Maura said...

BJ Novak is one of my favourite basterds too, anyone else have another favourite

Simone said...

I liked August Diehl and Til Swieger.