Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Michael is Ireland bound!

After Michael finishes filming new scenes and re-shooting scenes for Jonah Hex this month in LA, he will head off to Ireland to start filming 'Knockout' in the Dublin area for several weeks. According to the Kerryman and The Irish Times, big production films like this helmed by an Oscar winning director like Steve Soderbergh can bring work to hundreds of people during these difficult economic times in Ireland. The city is quite excited about Michael's movie being filmed at Dublin Docklands, Dublin Airport, the Shelbourne Hotel, as well as other locations in the city centre and Co Wicklow. Knockout was written to specifically feature Dublin as the city the film is centered around. Kudos to Dublin!

This is the first film since Hunger that Michael will have filmed in Ireland, so he must be excited and proud about that. And even though Knockout is not at the top of the Fassy Must See Movie list as per the current poll, I know all of us are interested in it and will go see it in droves... it's just that you all are more interested in the classic period piece love story of Jane Eyre that you want to see Michael in the most. And speaking of Hunger just for a moment, according to some of the interviews Michael has given recently, I have learned that his weight actually got down to 126 lbs. He LOST 30 pounds to get to that, so his natural weight is around 156-160. What a tiny dude! And speaking of him being slender, Nathaniel Rogers wrote an article at Towleroad about Michael in Fish Tank (in the article he provided a link to FF), and although the comments were supportive of Michael's role and felt his entrance scene was worth the price of admission, some people deem him to be way too skinny.

By now, Michael must be exhausted by all the interviews he has done as of late, but there are still a few interviews out there that stand out and make you laugh and learn even more about Michael. Today Metro.co.uk posted their interview with Michael and I love it. When asked about Katie Jarvis and how was Michael when he was her age, he said, "I was pretty clueless and irresponsible when I was 17. I had long hair and wanted to be the guitarist in a heavy metal band. When I realised I wasn’t good enough to be a guitarist, I decided I wanted to be an actor." I reckon he made the right choice. But I would love to see a picture of him when he was just a wee lad with long hair and a clueless attitude. He also reveals that his aunt's evil poodle bit him in the ass when he was ten, and if he were a kangaroo, he would have a bottle of whiskey in his pouch. The dude is mental and I love it!

Anyway, back on the Irish chit chat. As you see, the FF banner has been changed to green because I'm yapping about things Ireland. See, I didn't lie to you about the changing color fa├žade of the banner. I'll keep it up throughout February since he'll be there. And since he will be in Ireland for several weeks, I'm hoping Michael plans to attend the Irish Film and Television Awards on February 20th. He has received a Best Supporting Actor nomination for his excellence in Fish Tank, and he is in competition with: Simon Delaney (Happy Ever Afters), Michael Gambon (Dumbledore in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince), and Aidan Quinn (The Eclipse). I'm hoping Michael wins this category as it will be his second year in row winning an IFTA award. Last year he won the Best Actor for Hunger, and the Rising Stah award!

If you go to the IFTA website, you will see all the nominees for this year. And to my surprise, on their front page, they still have the same celebrity banner from 2007 and earlier. I thought that maybe they would have incorporated Michael Fassbender onto this year's front page since he was a double winner last year and promises to be a hot acting Irish commodity for years to come. So why not capitalize on his growing popularity, his double wins last year, and feature him on an updated celebrity montage for the IFTA front page? Oh, if only I ruled the world...

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Along with the delicious Fish Tank screencap at the top of this article, just below are a few more images that I found this morning that are dated, but still new to the lot of us. Enjoy!

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