Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Newer and Larger images of Michael from Blackbook

I hope his hair clips don't end up on eBay the next time he goes in.

I've been to this bookstore. Michael is a well read guy. I like that.

I love seeing certain guys wear flip-flops. Only a few can pull it off sexy like Michael can.

I only wish I could see him punching that bag when I stroll pass the workout area on Venice Beach's boardwalk.

I viewed the Blackbook magazine at Borders a couple weeks ago and determined that although it was a cool article about him and his life in LA/Santa Monica/Venice Beach, I didn't care to buy it. But thankfully, these larger images have been published at Blackbook magazine's online site and it includes a new picture of him that was not included in the print version.

If you strained your eyes the first time in trying to read the article that I posted a few weeks ago, you can relax now and read it again but with more clarity.

Source: BlackBook


DEZMOND said...

flip-flops are sexy on men, just like high-heels are sexy on women ;)

Anonymous said...


I wanted to show you this drawing I've been working on, I used Fassbender's face.

Check it out

just thought i would share.

Simone said...

But Dezmond, the guys have to have nice lean legs and nice feet and toes too. ;)

Killer Luka, that is an awesome drawing. He has 'Azazel' eyes there! Thanks for sharing. :)

Maura said...

Check out new info re Michael

Simone said...

Excellent find Maura! Thanks girl! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for sharing all these awesome images/things about Fassy. :D