Friday, January 8, 2010


I'm so stupid. I saw the new issue of Vanity Fair at the store yesterday that has Tiger Woods on the cover, but I couldn't be bothered to flip through it like I usually do. Dooooh! At ONTD!, they posted a scan of Michael's 'Vanities' feature. I like this a lot. Being featured in Vanity Fair is prime celebrity PR real estate, and especially in a magazine cover story that is going to sell a lot of magazines (Tiger Wood's "transgressions"). Good move Michael! Next stop... a Vanity Fair cover!

Ooops. Regarding the new poll, I just added 'The Talking Cure'. How could I have forgotten that? It's the one I'm the most interested in.


DEZMOND said...

both Tiger and Michael look amazing in the new VANITY FAIR!

Simone said...

I need to be more on top of my fassy game. I glanced at the cover of VF yesterday at Barnes and Noble, but I had a migraine and didn't scan through it like I normally would. Next time I'll check it out thoroughly.