Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The 2nd Annual Michael Fassbender Birthday Charity for Barretstown

Just a quick update to post one more photo of Michael from the IFTA red carpet. No need to state photo credit as the watermark say it all.

If you have been following my FassFass updates, you will learn that Michael recently spent a day at the Gaeity School of Acting in Ireland (photo at link). It was a surprise deep diving Google search over the weekend, and I reckon it was something that happened in the past week. He's a really cool guy to spend time with young students interested in getting into acting.

For those of you subscribed to my mailing list, I am terribly sorry I have not had time to update it. I will try to get it out this week, just been so busy, and when I do update FF, the information has just been more suitable for the blog.

Lastly, I made a donation to MFO's 2nd Annual Michael Fassbender Birthday Charity event to raise funds for Barretstown (his birthday is April 2). The goal this year is to raise £750.00 they are at the 20% mark at this very moment. Last year they surpassed their fundraising goal. I know money is tight for everyone, especially myself, but I was able to make a small donation. If you are so inclined, please go to this link and donate what you can BEFORE March 15th. Thanks.

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