Friday, February 12, 2010

The Late Late Show with Michael

Go to the RTÉ site to watch last night's broadcast with Michael on the show. The link shows the entire programme, so if you just want to watch Michael's portion, understandably, scroll up to the 1:12 marker. His segment ends at 1:26.

Below are screencaps I made from the online video of Michael's interview. Enjoy!

Sing it boy! After jokingly coerced to sing, Michael hops on stage with the show's band and belts out 'Twist and Shout'. So cool!

Michael arrives at the Late Late Show in Dublin, with Ryan Tubridy this evening.


adrifterszone said...

He was the perfect talk show guest!
I would love to see him on Conan O'Brien(when he gets a show again):)

Simone said...

It was a great interview! What a surprise at the end eh? But I think it was planned.

Although I rarely watch the late night talk shows, I think it would be a perfect match to have Michael on O'Brien's next talk show endeavor. Perhaps we can start a petition? LOL!

adrifterszone said...

It probably was planned but still cute, he looked nervous.

Hahaha, fer sure!

Anonymous said...

Loved the talk show. He was so adorable while he mimicked Tarantino and Loved his singing.I can't believe there is no single talk show in the US having Michael, considering such a huge buzz of Xmen First Class. Maybe his busy schedule that he had to go back to London for Prometheus immediately? I really hope he will have one soon. He is such a great guest to have.

Simone said...

I agree, it's insane that Michael has not been on American late night talk shows yet. I believe he has been available, it's just that sadly, the people who book the guests on said shows are ignorant about Michael, and therefore, don't know enough about him to invite him.

Hopefully that will change soon!

Anonymous said...

I left a message which replied to your comment on Tumblr. In case u didn't get it, I'm gonna post it here again to show my "thank you".

I rarely go to the movies to see a film more than once, but I reckon I needs to have another look at ‘X-Men: Fassy Class’!"

from me:“Me too! But I just watched it the second time in the theater last weekend. It’s really about “Fassy Class”. I’m late to the Club but I’m so happy that I found your FF blog and your tumblr (i even just signed up for tumblr just so that I can follow you!) I really like your FF and your interview with Michael. Much appreciated for sharing it with us. I just watched Hunger and Fish Tank. They are just brilliant! How lucky you were to get to attend Hunger’s screening in Canada and to meet Michael. Pls keep up with the good work. I’d rather rely on the info about Michael from a long time fan like you than the info from some random report or gossip sites. Thank you.”

Simone said...

Thank you so much Captwentworth! It's people like you that help keep me motivated with FF. I really appreciate your support and look forward to seeing you around here often! :)