Thursday, February 25, 2010

Reverse Shot #10 Interview with Michael

I found this really cool 5 minute video of Michael interviewed by Eric Hynes for Reverse Shot #10. The neat thing about this interview is that Michael is really in a relaxed and playful mood. He even plays with this nerf ball archery toy with Eric and got in some good shots. He makes reference to him being fond of archery due to learning it while he was spending time in LA, and as noted in his December '09 Blackbook magazine article.

The stand out thing about this video is that we see a laid back Michael talking about stuff he normally doesn't talk about, and that's refreshing! Here are a few screen shots, and below is the actual video link.

Reverse Shot #10 video interview.

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Katherine Ann.onymous said...

He looks SOOO good in that hat!!! Oh goodness...