Wednesday, February 10, 2010

That Fassbender Guy

Newly released images of Michael from last summer's Comic Con.

Michael with Hollywood biz dude types and Christoph Waltz at the NYFCC in January.

I received a very nice email from a reader today complimenting Fassinating Fassbender on being her favorite Michael Fassbender website. And since FF hasn't been updated in a week, I'm sure her contacting me was to also give me a kind nudge to hurry and write a new blog entry. LOL! I've been very busy on top of there being no new information to write about Michael. However, it was my intention to post something today. Uh huh, I swear!

I was reading at ONTD! about an Inglourious Basterds party from the weekend. And although many cast members and A-D list celebrities were in attendance, Michael Fassbender was no where to be found. A person succinctly posted that "he's busy working!" Damn right! Fassy is in Ireland now working on 'Knockout', he doesn't have time to party in Hollywood at an Oscar pimping party for Basterds. Again, this just demonstrates that Michael is an ACTOR, not a "celebrity".

In regards to another film Michael will be filming this year, the one you all are very excited about as per the current FF poll, 'Jane Eyre', this evening it was announced by The Hollywood Reporter that Sally Hawkins ('Happy Go Lucky') and Dame Judi Dench will also be in the movie. Very good news as I like these ladies. This is forming up to be a high quality re-visioning of Jane Eyre.

And lastly, I just happened upon the new website of two regular posters here at FF. It seems that Elena and Olga have established their own fan website celebrating the career and life of Michael and I encourage you all to check it out as it has a lot of older images of Michael that I have never seen. It's a nice historical fan collection of Michael at the beginning of his acting career. Some links to images are not working properly at the moment, but hopefully they will fix them soon. If you're interested, go check out .


Elena and Olga said...

Hi, Simone,
we have been waiting for you (we've known that you have a hard week and hope that you are well). We've told about the site only on twitter and flickr, knowing that all Michael and our friends often comes there. Yes, many links still don't work - we have a soo little time, but we're doing our best... Today we'll be uploading "The case of Charles Bravo" and in turn we have "A bear named Winnie" and the first episodes of "Fish Tank"...
Let will be more about Michael on the web... We remember that you said one day that we are "all on the same plate" :)))
All the best!
Elena and Olga

Simone said...

believe me, I know how precious time is. Your website is off to an excellent start and I wish you great luck. I'll keep an eye on it for sure.

And yes, we're all on the same plate.