Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Two Five more Fassy outtakes from Vanity Fair

This is the one and only Vanity Fair image we saw, but now we have 5 more. Praise Jesus!

Thanks to bluebear_74 at Livejournal.

Bluebear_74 posted these at ONTD! I don't know where in the hell she found them or why I'm just NOW seeing them. This should be against the fuckin' law man! Hiding gorgeous shots like these. Dang!


adrifterszone said...

OMG. Thanx for the pictures!!!

Simone said...

You're very welcome, glad you appreciate it! :)

DEZMOND said...

I like the one with gloved hand over his forehead :)

carmen said...

Dios existe. Sólo El puede haber creado esa maravilla.