Sunday, March 14, 2010

A History of Sex with Cronenberg - Featuring Fassy

I was reading the My New Plaid Pants blog this evening and in writing about 'A Talking Cure' with Viggo Mortensen* coming on board, they reminded me about what I read previously about the relationship between Michael Fassbender (Carl Jung) and Keira Knightley (Sabina).

"Keira Knightley will play Sabina, a disturbed young woman brought to see Jung by her father. Jung (Fassbender) and Sabina have an affair, and the producers are promising me “lots of spirited sex”."

Ok, now as hopefully many of you are aware, David Cronenberg's films NEVER, NEVAH, EVAH, shy away from sexual scenarios that are just tapping the toe on the X-rated line. As a mature adult, ahem, I don't mind these scenes as they are pivotal to the film and character development. You also learn more about the psychological condition of the people through their sex scenes, and they are quite graphic.

Soooooo... I wanted to pose a question to Fassinators: What are you expecting, or what do you want to see when David directs Michael to do the nasty with Keira in a most frank and realistic manner that would make 'Fish Tank' look like a fish tank with no fish? If you are not familiar with the warped genius of Mr. Cronenberg, please allow me a moment to educate you.

The man has no boundaries. Everything is game. Just ask Viggo. When it comes to male actors, he will make them, and Michael Fassbender, show everything - EVERYTHING... while doing 'teh sex'. So expect sweat, loud grunting, screaming even, possible forced-corced sex/rape, slapping, growling, broad daylight no-holds-barred nakedness, homo eroticism, sado-masochism, self-inflicted injuries, crazy sex stuff my brain can't even think of, etc. Basically we're going to have Stelios without his shield and leather speedos. We may see Michael Fassbender in a whole new light! And we already know that Michael is not shy to committing himself and his body on a method actor level to do his job. And that's why we love him!

Are you prepared for this? Keira is no prude to sex scenes and partial nudity, and as each year passes, she gets bolder and bolder in her adult themed film choices, so she may be down to anything goes as well.

Psychological Prerequisites: Watch Cronenberg's 'Crash' (1996), A History of Violence, Eastern Promises, Dead Ringers, The Fly, Spider, Madame Butterfly, Naked Lunch, eXistenZ, etc (Source: IMDB). Netflix all his shit and you'll get a pretty good idea of what to expect as you prepare to watch Michael Fassbender going into the Cronenberg Zone and leave a changed man and an even more brilliant actor.

I can't see David not fully utilizing his muse Viggo, so I very much expect to see Viggo naked, again, *sigh*, in 'Cure'. I'm getting so excited!!!

Oh, and btw, I revamped my Viggo blog and started all over fresh and new, so check it out if you like Viggo Mortensen too. It's The Viggo Chronicles, TVC, hence my gmail account name. See, you learn something new everyday.

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