Friday, March 26, 2010


Michael on stage at the Irish Film & Television Awards.
Michael on the red carpet at IFTA.
Michael and Gina on the set of Knockout earlier this month.

We will end this week with love, support, and 100% belief in Michael Fassbender and knowing that he is a respectful, kind, and gentle man. Gossip, rumors and lies are just that. If you are visiting Fassinating Fassbender to find information about people who were in his private life, you will no longer find it here. That stuff has been permanently removed. Fassinating Fassbender is all about Michael and for those people who truly respect and value him professionally, and love him as a great actor, friend, and son/brother.

As Michael has started filming Jane Eyre this week in England, we send him well wishes and and hope the next days and weeks solve the issue at hand and give him peace of mind.

April is just around the corner and he will start promotions for Centurion which I just cannot wait to see. In fact, we will see a lot of Michael this spring and FF will be there to capture as much as we can.

Next Friday is Michael's 33rd birthday. I will create a birthday post on Thursday, so please be prepared to support Fassinating Fassbender by writing a birthday message to Michael that day. NOW more than ever he needs the support and love from his TRUE fans!



adrifterszone said...

I can't wait for Jane Eyre to come out!

P said...

yeah can't wait for Jane Eyre and other movies with him...

also need more news of him... any pictures/news from Jane Eyre out yet? they started filming last week didnt they?

Simone said...

Based on the poll results, you guys aren't the only ones anxious for Jane Eyre. Which reminds me, I need to check out the book at the library this week.

I'm hoping we get some photos from the Eyre set, I want to see Michael these days.

Elena and Olga said...
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