Friday, May 7, 2010

I'm always Fassbendering

As of late, due to little or no new news about the status of what's going on with Michael, it has affected my ability to update FF as frequently as I would prefer. However, the down time has been put to good use.

This morning I shared some great news with subscribers of Fassy News Network (one of the benefits of being subscribed) and I'm eager to move forward very soon. Meanwhile, I still need to stay on the downlow until it's all said and done. Don't worry, I'll share the news with you next week.

Do you remember when Michael mentioned that he went to Venice Beach, CA while he was undergoing his super diet to prepare for 'Hunger'? When he mentioned that, it just thrilled me because it's one of my favorite vacation spots, and my favorite BEACH spot. Even though a walk on a beautiful Hawaiian beach would be more, um, sanitary and serene for the soul, there is just something specutacularly awesome and spiritual in a funky hippie way in Venice Beach. I've been there three times in the past six years, but haven't visited since 2006, but that's about to change, Praise Jebus! For I am booking a trip there during the weekend of July 16-19! I never been in LA in July, so I want it to be hot!

I really need the beach, I really need to go there and chill out, have fun, lay on the beach, and watch the fascinating characters of street artists, sexy people, strange people, and the Hollywood types. You either love Venice or aren't impressed with it, there's no in between. And it's next to Santa Monica which is just as cool. I'm not bothering renting a car, I'm just going to walk everywhere, or rent a bike for longer excursions down the boardwalk.

So even though it's been quiet on my end, I have been very busy sorting other things out. And I anticipate making a big announcement early next week that readers of FF will enjoy for sure!

Have a good weekend, I know I will as I will be in Cleveland at the Pearl Jam concert! And Happy Mother's Day to all the mother's who fancy Fassy!

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