Monday, May 24, 2010

It's Fassy Time in June!

We are hitting another little dry patch in the Michael news department, but don't fret, in the coming weeks we will be happy with the media onslaught due to the June 18th release of Jonah Hex. I do not know how active Michael will be in the promotion for Jonah as he is in Switzerland/Germany preparing for his role of Carl Jung for 'A Dangerous Method'. But we will know soon enough.

The Cannes Film Festival ended yesterday and it was much more calmer this year than last, and that's because as a Fassy Fan, Michael was there promoting two films, 'Fish Tank' and 'Inglourious Basterds'. And speaking of Fish Tank, FF reader Cassie brought this wonderful review to my attention that I wanted to share with all of you.

"Connor is played by Michael Fassbender, who deserves a paragraph, not to say a movie, of his own. From his searing portrayal of Bobby Sands in Hunger to the easy command he showed as the Nazi impersonator with a bad accent in Inglourious Basterds, Fassbender dominated movies with a dark charisma, and he makes Connor into a man both likable and dangerous. He's at the center of Fish Tank, even when he's absent."

It's short but sweet, and to the point! BTW, I've still only seen Fish Tank once, and I do plan to buy the US DVD when it's released, which I hope will be soon! Anyway, when Cannes ends, that's when my fever for TIFF starts to rises and I look at the films that I found intriguing from Cannes and anticipate seeing them at TIFF. The three films I'm interested in thus far are Biutiful starring Best Actor Javier Bardem, Tournee, whose director Matheiu Almaric won best director, and Palme d'Or Winner Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives. And this brings me to my anticipation about Jane Eyre. Michael finished filming in late April/early May, and according to most movie sites, Jane is slated to be released this year. However, IMDB Pro has the year 2011 listed. Naturally, I want to believe in the 2010 release date references. And if it is being prepared for a 2010 release date, well, wouldn't a North American premiere of Jane Erye just be grand debuting at a place like, um, well, the Toronto Int'l Film Festival? Yeah, I think so!

I have my fingers crossed that we will be treated by such a wonderful opportunity. Jane Eyre is the epitome of a festival film. And with Cannes being too soon, and the Venice Film Festival a month before TIFF, the timing would be perfect at TIFF! But if this doesn't happen, I'm still so there at TIFF because I've been going there long before I was a Michael fan - I'm a true film lover and in my opinion, the Toronto Film Festival is the best one there is simply because of the access that FANS have; after all, movies are made for us, and when we buy tickets, we deem if a film is a success or not. Cannes and Venice are cool to look at via Getty Images, but TIFF is the real fucking deal!

Hi there, 1st time posting but long time reader. Can't wait to read the interview... is there an ETA on when we can expect it? Your hard work is much appreciated :) - Vaude Villian

Thank you for your comment Vaude Villian. To answer your question, the Michael Fassbender interview will be posted on Friday, June 4th. As you can imagine, leading up to the interview was quite a nerve wrecking experience. You can want something to happen so bad, and admire/adore someone so much, but still be a bowl of jelly when the actual time comes to speak with them. And then afterwards, the nerve game still continues because I have to present the interview to my fellow fans and I want you all to enjoy it and find something fresh from it. The timing of the release of the interview was decided based on the release date of Jonah Hex in June, and I also just wanted to take my time with it to tend to it with the care and respect it deserves because diehard Fassy fans won't be the only ones reading it. So again, thank you Mr. Villian for your kind comment and inquiry, I appreciate it more than you'll ever know. And I would also like to thank the fans of FF who have written to me showing great support. This was a very, very long process and because of the proper balance of professionalism, patience, and persistence, this is why I myself am just amazed and very proud that this even came to fruition. Thank you to those who understand that. :-)

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Vaude Villian said...

Thanks so much for the update! Look forward to June 4th. :)

I can't wait for Jane Eyre and A Dangerous Method... although I was a little nervous when CW dropped out of the Cronenberg project. No doubt Viggo will do a good job but still it was a little unexpected.