Friday, May 28, 2010

Mr. Rochester in 2011

In the last blog update, I was hoping that Jane Eyre was going to be a 2010 release, and I went further out on a hopeful limb to speculate that it could be screened at TIFF. Well, Focus Features officially stated a couple days ago that Jane Eyre will be released on March 11, 2011. Dang. Almost an entire year away. The film that received 207 votes thus far as the most anticipated Michael Fassbender film will probably be the last film of his current pre&post-production roster that we will get to see. And its release date totally erases any chance for Oscar consideration as it is being released during Oscar season 2011 and too early in the game to be remembered for Oscar 2012. That's just how the game is played folks.

Meanwhile, as I view more trailers of Jonah Hex, I must admit that the film is grabbing more of my interest. Of course I had planned to just tolerate watching Jonah because Michael's in it. But I do like Josh Brolin a lot, and John Malkovich can do no wrong in anything. And then there's Megan Fox. I know I wrote some snarky comments about her in the past, nothing evil or rude, but after reading her cover story when I received the June issue of Allure, I kind of like her a little bit more, just a little bit. And after she was fired or quit the stupid Transformers movies, I must admit that I admire the girl's set of balls. She's pretty but has a mouth of a truck driver, and is of average intelligence. Not as silly as I previously thought, and not as conceited - in fact, I like that she is taken aback by the fawning over her and that it embarrasses her. And the relationship she has with her boyfriend's son is nice to see for such a young Hollywood starlet. It normalizes her. So with that all said, I can now go and see Jonah Hex on June 18th and not only google at the screen when Michael is on, but enjoy the entire film for what it is. Here is a second trailer of Jonah Hex, Michael's bit is more towards the end.

In the past day or so, Michael's name has come up along with Christian Bale's name for his work in The Machinist in which he lost a hell of a lot of weight to play a really pathetic cursed soul of a man. Both established actors work are being compared to Rapper 50 cent who has apparently lost about 54 pounds to play a football star who has been stricken with cancer. And when images of him were released yesterday, many of his so-called fans expressed outrage and disbelief. That's very sad... the man is on a strict diet to lose weight to play a man who is fighting cancer, and his ignorant fans are saying the most rude things about him. It's too bad 50 cent's fans aren't mature like Michael's or Christian's fans.

And lastly, due to an extremely hectic past 5 weeks or so that has distracted me from several things, I totally overlooked posting a link to the April/May issue Wonderland article that has those handsome model photos of Michael. I'm posting it here today because I realize that there are other Fassy fans who may not have been aware of this link too. Sorry for being late in bringing this to your attention!

Have a nice Memorial Day weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Michael is the best looking dude around but those stills do nothing for him, don't like the hat or beard, I'd love to see him looking more contemprorary. I want to see him in goody goody role, hot and likeable. Can't help myself. I know he's a great actor etc but what's the harm in a little suga suga................