Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday Fassy Fix: Michael is the best thing in Jonah Hex

Michael did not attend the premiere of Jonah Hex in LA Thursday evening as he's in Europe filming 'A Dangerous Method'. I wondered for a moment if he would make a quick appearance, but for a film where he is overshadowed in the publicity department by Megan, Josh and John, why bother? Also, many reviews of the film are coming out as I type this and they are not good.

I'm still going to go see it after work on Friday, and it will just be for shits and giggles and to support my Fassy Fix. Reading the reviews of the film have made me laugh with embarrassment, but most of them take a moment to say nice things about Michael's performance. And you know what, this just demonstrates yet again, that regardless of the film, like, ahem, Blood Creek, Michael is still in top form as a great actor, and that says a lot about his true thespian talent! Here's one comment about Michael as Burke:

The best example of this is John Malkovich, who offers absolutely nothing in his role as Colonel The Bad Guy. I know he's got a name, but it might as well just be "The Bad Guy," because there's nothing about his performance aside from a fake nose that is memorable. He is hopelessly outclassed by Michael Fassbender, who plays his second-in-command, and that's because Fassbender seems like he really wants to make a mark as a villain. He's basically acting in a totally different movie than everyone else, and a much better movie, and it's a shame the entire movie couldn't strike the same tone that Fassbender's peformance does. Seeing someone as good as Malkovich just fold up and quit is dispiriting, but at least watching this film gives me hope that Fassbender will make a great Magneto in "X-Men: First Class."

So even if watching all 81 mere minutes of Jonah Hex makes my ass get the itchies and want to leave the theater, I'm sure me and Laurie will get our money's worth because of Michael's performance; after all, the reason why we're going to see it is solely because he's in it. One cold dissing review declared that Jonah Hex is so bad that it would be out on DVD next Tuesday. Dang!

Earlier this week, I was reading some reports that stated that Michael has turned down the Magneto offer, however, as I write up this blog entry, I discovered a new article that states that Michael is in early negotiations to play Magneto! A part of me wants him to take it for fun and to boost his star power, but I will absolutely understand if he passes on it because he wants to focus on more challenging adult themed dramas and independent films. Either way, we should know with complete certainty in coming days if Michael will be the young Magneto.

As a treat to subscribers of the Fassy News Network newsletter, I have ordered a special magazine from a New York book store today that has an exclusive interview with Michael as well as exclusive images of him. I would be happy to share the interview and images with subscribers as soon as I get it via FedEx. Due to the exclusive nature of the article and images, I cannot post the article or images on FF, so... you know what to do. Be on the lookout for that newsletter sometime next week.


Amal said...

Hey! it's my first time commenting. I really like this blog, you are cool.
That review for Michael is great. Yay! It doesn't surprise me though, because he's so talented and a total breath of fresh air in this crappy 21st century Life&Style magazine era, where we suffer through bad actors getting recognition. Most people are going to see Jonah Hex for the wrong MF, Megan Fox, but will leave totally in awe of Michael Fassbender, I'm sure of it.

Simone said...

Thank you so much for your cool comments Amal! and you're right, people are going to see Hex for the wrong MF. But I reckon they will leave as new fans of Michael Fassbender! :D