Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wanted: Michael Fassbender

Centurion was released in the UK in April, and by time we get to see it here in the States in August, it will be on DVD in the UK. This new poster is very nice and I like how Michael is front and center, kickin' ass, and his name is the lead actor! While the film has received mixed reviews, overall they have been decent and I'm sure I'll enjoy it.

Meanwhile, in the month since I spoke with Michael Fassbender, there was not a whiff of evidence that he was being pursued from two comic book camps for key roles in their upcoming films: X-Men, and Spiderman. It was all over the Internet as of yesterday that Michael is being vetted for villainous roles in these franchises, and I couldn't be more excited for him!

I'm personally leaning more towards the Magneto role because I really love the X-Men movies and Magneto is a brilliant character. You sympathize with him, and understand the root of his wickedness, and I believe Michael portraying a young Magneto will convey this conflicted soul brilliantly as he feels the sting and humiliation of prejudice from human beings because he is a mutant, albeit a powerful one. And to boot, the brilliant James McAvoy has singed on to play the young Charles Xavier. I cannot stress enough how this role will propel Michael into super-duper stardom and become a household name.

But, he has to sign on the dotted line first. And yesterday I jokingly posted about the possibility of not only Michael playing Magneto, but the possibility of 'First Class' being filmed here in Michigan. The chances are remote, but it's a possibility. And this makes it all the more exciting, especially since I told Michael that I'm based in Michigan, so the synchronicity and timing of that is interesting and I'm curious to see how it will play out. A lot of films have been coming to Michigan due to some attractive tax breaks for Hollywood, so, you never know!

The exclusive Fassinating Fassbender interview has been, to my great relief, well received and I very much appreciate the positive responses that have been shared in private and posted here at FF. Interviewing Michael without the ability or opportunity to share it with an interested audience would not have been as much fun. So thank you all so much for sharing in the excitement of interviewing Michael just as he is at a most pivotal moment in his life and career. And a special thanks to the ladies of Brontë Blog, JA of My New Plaid Pants, and Nathaniel of the influential The Film Experience in helping to promote the release of Michael's interview to their respective readership of fans who are interested in Michael Fassbender! You lot are true professionals and friends. ♥

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