Friday, July 23, 2010

Last Day of filming A Dangerous Method

According to Austrian reports, today will be the final day of filming for A Dangerous Method. It was a nice treat seeing those fun images of Michael Fassbender earlier this month, and to close out this movie set adventure, here are just a few filming scenes of Michael and the woman who plays his pregnant wife in the movie. They are not the clearest shots but you know it's Michael and you know what he's doing.

As this year's Comic Con is happening in San Diego at this very moment, I can't help but think about what it may be like next year. I wonder about this because Michael will have finished filming X-Men: First Class, starring as Magneto, and Comic nerds will be in a more accepting mood of him in 2011 than they were in 2009 (when they were threatened by his sexy presence as he dare sit next to and joke about Megan Fox, remember that?). So, I will prepare for that event. As much as I would like to attend, I just don't know, I'll make the decision at the appropriate time. Hey, if Angelina Jolie can make a surprise visit this year, why not Michael and James McAvoy next year?

I had a fantastic vacation to Venice Beach this past weekend. I got a little sunburn, but that's ok, it's just evidence that I did exactly what I planned to do - enjoy the fun and sun of LA. I even bunched the punching bag that Michael did in his Blackbook pictorial from December. That was taken at the Muscle beach portion of the Venice boardwalk. I also walked around the neighborhood that he told me he stayed at while dieting for Hunger. A quite little neighborhood of lovely bungalows just around the corner from the Venice canals. I have no clue which house he stayed at, but I knew the intersection, and it was just a couple blocks away from the hotel I stayed at. I ate sushi every damn day I was there, and it was all delicious! And I bumped into Ozzy Osbourne and his wife Sharon as they were coming out of a furniture boutique store on Abbot Kinney. I just smiled at them and kept on walking and said to myself, 'Holy shit, that's Ozzy!'


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Hollywood in Vienna; Viggo Mortensen and Michael Fassbender:

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Thx for posting that link!