Thursday, July 15, 2010

Latest Centurion Trailer

At this very moment, I am packing up for my vacation to Venice Beach and I waited to the tail end to update FF, but there's not much to report at the moment. There is a new trailer for Centurion, but nothing new from the 'Method' set, or new photos. I bet just as soon as my plane takes off, something exciting in Fassyland will happen.

A reader asked me the other day when will the Fish Tank DVD be released in the states. Well, since it is still playing in some theaters here, it's my guess that it may be out by September/October. It should have been out by June/July since it had a US theatrical release on Jan. 15th. But these small budget UK productions are not rushed out on DVD like your standard mainstream film. So hold tight, it'll be out soon.

Also, I noted over the weekend that at IMDB, there is finally an image of Michael up on his profile. It's two years overdue and it was getting embarrassing visiting his profile page and having a blue generic silhouette male figure in place of his image. Now the next place that needs to be educated on The Fassy is Netflix.

Lastly, in the past two weeks since it's been official that Michael is going to play Magneto, I've been reading comments all over the Internet about this and overwhelmingly, people are positive and pleased with his selection. But there are still way too many mortals out there that don't know jack shit about him. Some comments are completely flabbergasted about Michael's existence; who is he, where did he come from, is he a good actor? Tsk, tsk, tsk. That's where we come in. If you see such sad comments from confused people, post in that comment section some brief info about who Michael is, help spread the word and educate people on how fassinating Fassbender is.


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Mike Roberts said...

I`m kind of impatient to see centurion. Are they ever going to make one movie about Rome with great LOTR-like battle scenes? :(