Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Michael is a Terrific Actor and the Sky is Blue

Remember when these street pap shots of Michael Fassbender and Viggo Mortensen were first posted in early July, and all we had were those teasing microscopic images? Well, as promised, I finally found larger sizes of these fun pictures of my two favorite actors! Some of you may have seen them already, but, as usual, many of you may have not.

The timing couldn't be more perfect too because even though filming of 'A Dangerous Method' has been over for a few weeks, David Cronenberg gave a cool interview with and he had some nice things to say about Michael. Also, it has been confirmed that Michael's Carl Jung character is the male lead. I wasn't sure if Michael was supporting or not, but now I know. Go here to read the interview with David in its entirety, but meanwhile, below are a few bits from the interview. Also, I'm sorry to say that TIFF will be minus all three of these guys this year, so that's a bummer, but, I'll have to settle for James Franco instead, and that's very cool!

"Michael Fassbender [Hunger] plays Jung. He’s about to do X-Men, so he will soon have genre cred. He’s a terrific actor and he and Viggo got along absolutely great. Very light, terrific tone on the set." - David Cronenberg

"There’s a little S & M. There definitely is a little S & M [laughs]. But I wouldn’t say that’s my trademark. I would say that intellect is my trademark, and there’s a lot of that. " {editor: I warned Michael}

On Friday, Centurion will be released in the States and I'm so excited to see it. Been reading a lot of mixed reviews, but Entertainment Weekly gave it a solid B. I'll post my thoughts about the film late Friday or early Saturday. (update) Dammit, just found out that 'Centurion' will be in "limited fucking release" on Friday, and it ain't coming nowhere near Michigan, not even in Ohio. The hell? *sniff*

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Caroline Meredith said...

viggo, michael, croneberg... this movie is a dream come true. and the photos of viggo and michael walking around are just.. too cute. been following your blog since day 1, i really appreciate the effort you put into it.

Simone said...

Oh thank you so much Caroline, I really appreciate your long term support! ♥

I have been a Viggo fan since the mid '90s, so it does tickle me pink to see him working with and getting along so well with Michael whom I adore so much.


Anonymous said...

what on earth is viggo carrying around with him? I've seen photos of him carrying it in his Freud costume too...
love him though!

Simone said...

Viggo is an extreme method actor, to the degree that it's scarily cute. Viggo was carrying around a stuffed animal parrot, dressed in the soccer uniform of his favorite South American football team. ;-)