Sunday, September 26, 2010


After waiting five months to see Michael Fassbender in Centurion, I finally saw it tonight. I have read a lot of reviews about the film and I was familiar with the plot. But thankfully I was careful in not reading too many to have the movie spoiled for me. For as brutal as Centurion was, it was a pretty good film, it kept my attention the whole time. I saw Neil Marshall's 'Descent', so I knew he was the type of director who did not hold back on realistic blood shed. I have never seen so many decapitations, throat slashings, axe hackings, etc., all in one movie. Maybe Neil was going for a theatrical world record, I'll have to look it up, but I was grossly impressed.

As usual, Michael Fassbender as Quintas Dias was fantastic, the man just cannot, not act well. I felt his frustration and desperation throughout the entire film. I rooted for him and his fellow Roman soldiers all the way, but I knew it was not going to end well. Alas, I won't spoil the end, but the twist did alarm me and Quintas' fate was just.

At the State Theater, after a film's run end, they have a habit of placing film posters in a basket for anyone to take. I asked one of the employees if I could have the Centurion poster, and he said that if they had a spare one, they would call me. He grabbed a little piece of paper to write my name and number, but I saved him the time and got all 'professional fan blogger' on him and gave him my Fassy Fassbender business card with the blog address, my name, email, and phone number. Hey... I got this, I don't mess around. He smiled and said the blog name was cool. He said he'll pass my info onto the manager and I'll get a call in a few days.

Meanwhile, I did read that Centurion will be on DVD in November. I'll definitely get the DVD, but I wanted to experience Michael's latest film on the big screen... it is my right as a Fassinator! If you have not seen it yet, time is running out, but don't fret, you'll see it in due time on pay-per-view now, or on DVD before Xmas.

My official review as posted at Gold derby:

Neil Marshall 2010

In 117, the Roman Empire wants to rule Northern Britain, but are dealt appropriately by brutal Picts. Michael Fassbender stars as Quintas Dias, a Roman soldier who is part of a Roman army sent out to penetrate Pict territory. Olga Kurylenko is a Pict scout who is talented in killing Roman soldiers in a most brutal fashion. After the soldiers are ambushed, several survivors run for their lives to get to the next Roman outpost for safety, supposedly.

This is a very bloody film, very graphic, more so than Gladiator or Braveheart. Very good film and realistic historically.

Grade| B+

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