Friday, October 15, 2010

POTW: The Name Game dropping of Michael Fassbender

As often as Michael Fassbender's name pop up in internet article searches on the actor, you'd think there would be an equal amount of accompanying images of him. But that's not the case. The internet loves to write about him, but it does a poor job of backing up said articles with fresh images of the dude. A few days ago, I found an article that mention Michael, which was so deeply hidden within the internet matrix, MI6 would have been impressed! Apparently Michael attended a Giorgio Armani fashion event in London, just a few weeks ago, sponsored by Vogue, wearing the Fall 2011 line of Armani!

/start bitching

Michael's name was on the celebrity guest list with a few other notable celebrities, and there were quite a few photos from the event, found at several websites regarding this event. But was there just one photo of Michael? Hell no. Why is that? I researched further to find more clues and evidence of his participation at the 'Fashions Night Out' event, and it's as if he were the invisible man at the event. Not one photographic evidence of him being there - maybe the paparazzi didn't know who he was and ignored him. How in the fuck can you miss someone who looks like Michael Fassbender, dressed in Armani, at a Giorgio Armani fashion event? This is ridiculous! Loads of photos were taken at the event, and many featured complete unknowns, while other pictures were of designers and models. But nothing on the sort-of-famous actor, Michael Fassbender. For shame!

/end bitching

Anyway, another week passes without proof that Michael is filming X-Men. I'm starting to wonder if it's all a fabrication that he is indeed going to play Magneto. And his name came up again this week after the wonderful Rhys Ifans was announced as the new Spiderman villain, which is the role Michael passed on in favor of X-Men. Then just the other day, I read at a Viggo Mortensen update that 'A Dangerous Method' may be released in the deadest of all film release months, February 2011. What? If this rumor is true, out the window goes any kind of awards acknowledgment as Hollywood forgets about films released prior to September of any given year. David Cronenberg and the entire cast of 'Method' deserves a better release date than that. Even if the film is not going on the film festival circuit, it should be released no sooner than August 2011, just to keep it on the awards radar for that year.

Well, since Michael has been playing the invisible man for the past couple of months, here are some emergency fassy-fix POTW images for your visual needs.

"Killarney and Hollywood actor Michael Fassbender, who was Grand Marshall at the St Patricks Day parade in Killarney on Wednesday got involved in the festivities when he steeped it out with Clodagh Irwin Owens of the Irwin School of Dancing..." - Kerry's Eye


Anonymous said...

Hi Simone,

How are you doing? Hope you have been well. :-)

I understand your fustration that there was no pics on Michael at the event and yes, its sort of like he's totally invisible! I feel the same way too and its understandable that being fans of Michael, we would love very much to see him getting the recognition he deserved and to be acknowledge like the other more 'famous' stars that graced the event.

Nonetheless, looking at the line of movies Michael has and is currently working on, I am very sure 2011 will be the year for Michael. Especially with Magneto, his stardom is sure to explode in a big way and he might have a hard time deciding which events to attend when that comes lol! :-)

Then again, when that happen, I am not sure if Michael will like it based on a past interview where he shared: "People don’t recognise me, and I love that, because I’d much rather be watching other people than have people watching me."

So till then, let's enjoy this very moment with this talented man and am keeping my fingers crossed that Michael will stay as grounded as he is now when that happens.

Gaia xx

P/s: I am looking forward to the day when I can finally meet Michael in person (hey arent you one lucky girl to have already met him and had an interview with him?)
Keep the next interview coming soon! :-p

Anonymous said...

Just a little comment on the February release of Dangerous Method. I don't think it means that it hits the theaters in February, just that the producers hope it will have it's premiere at the Berlin Film Festival that month. They have talked about wanting to premiere the film in Germany and the Berlin Festival gives them the opertunity to to that. If the film is not finished in February i think Cannes is the next choice. The general release of the film will probably be much later.

Another thing, even if his name was on the guestlist to the Armani event doesn't mean he was there. He doesn't seem to go to many celebrity bashes. There has been a few messages on Twitter of people spotting him round and about in London, so i don't think he has gone into hiding.

And a last thing. A interview with James Macavoy wich proves Michael is part of X-Men. He talks about the film at the end of the interview:

You have to scroll down in the menu to find the Macavoy interview.

Simone said...

Hello Gaia! You are absolutely right, we'll see plenty of Michael as many high profile films will be released throughout all of 2011. We may given get sick of seeing him.

Not! LOL! ;)

And anon, yes, thanks for filling in the blanks about the Berlin Film Festival. I forgot about that. If 'Method' were to premiere there, it would set off a festival showcase in February. I mistakenly immediately thought of a theatrical release which would not be good marketing for such film fare that has Oscar written all over it.

Additionally, I too wondered if Michael even attended the Armani event, but I swear I read an article that he was there and was indeed wearing Armani, hence, his purpose in being there.

Many X-men media reports have focused on McAvoy, and without him mentioning Michael, there's just no physical evidence of him being attached to the film... I was just being silly and snarky. ;) I'm sure Michael is walking about London right now as that is literally his home base. Who knows, it would be awesome to have a glimpse of him while I'm in London at the end of November.

Thanks for the comments ladies. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Wow, Michael must really like dancing...he does it in movies, during parades, all over the place. What a goofball!

Simone said...

Tell me about it. I laughed when I first saw them too.

Michael should consider doing 'Strictly Dancing' or 'Dancing with the Stars'... just get it over with. LOL!