Monday, October 4, 2010

Rumors? What Rumors?

As Michael Fassbender's film resume grows in the coming year with these several key projects, Jane Eyre, A Dangerous Method, and X-Men: First Class, so to will his profile. Michael is gaining new fans daily, and many of those fans will tenaciously research Michael on the Internet to learn more about him. Along with his professional accomplishments, they may also uncover personal things about him.

I received an email from a new fan, Gaia, last week inquiring about the situation with her-who-shall-not-be-named and how concerned she was about how this old saga would affect Michael's career. Understandably when a new fan reads gossip about a celebrity they are interested in, sometimes said gossip could be so negative, albeit false and contrived, people will judge someone without having all the facts. Only until she wrote me expressing her concerns did it not occur to me, as a reminder, that once that seed is planted on the Internet, there it will remain to grow until someone stirs the soil and spark new life in the gossip grapevine.

Now because she was so concerned about this rumor and seeing a particular disturbed person with a vendetta, posting at various websites that had articles on Michael's films, Gaia wondered if Michael's agency knew about this. Unbeknownst to her, yes, Michael's people are aware, it has been brought to their attention way back in March. But because they chose not to give credibility to these false allegations, they chose to not comment about it. I absolutely understand why they did so and I accept it. If celebrities and their agents/managers were to address every single gossip story about the actor/actress, that's all they would be talking about. In the three years that I have been following Michael's career, I knew he was a private person and that's what I like about him. He doesn't need, want, or love the limelight. He's busy, he's an actor, and very serious about his work.

Out of concern for Michael's reputation and not knowing that his agents were aware of the old gossip, Gaia emailed Troika expressing her concerns and provided some links to websites that had those negative comments. A few days later, she received a reply back:

'Michael is a deeply private person and unfortunately in the world of the internet we have to take the rough with the smooth. He is very grateful for the support of his fans so thank you for this email.'

I appreciate Gaia sharing this with me because I realize that here lays an opportunity for all of us current fans, and especially the new fans, to know that Troika got Michael's back. I knew this all the long. But it is par for the course in the celebrity world in dealing with rumors. Shit Internet gossip should not be validated, and you have to take the good with the bad. There are many web searches on Michael Fassbender that lead people to this website, they are looking for info on 'her' and his personal life. And although I'm glad that people are finding Fassinating Fassbender, I'm sorry, you ain't gonna find junk here about Michael, this blog has been established to be a source of 100% supportive commentary about the career of Michael Fassbender. Now, if he ever gets married, or decides to quit Hollywood and become a Buddhist Monk, I'll write about it. But other than that, I cannot, or will not fan the flames of BS gossip about Michael's private life. I may however offer a succinct comment about something to help neuter funky gossip, but I won't offer speculations or allow inappropriate and judgmental analysis of rumors about Michael here at FF.

So again, just as Michael's profile will be increasing in the next 10 months due to those high profile projects, along with working with Steve McQueen again with 'Shame' starting to film in January, I wanted to share with you all my final opinion about old speculative gossip about Michael. When you see crazy people writing crazy stuff about Michael, just ignore it. Don't feed the trolls.

Anyway, on to regular fun fassy talk.

It looks like I could not get my hands on an extra copy of the 'Centurion' poster from the local theater, they like to keep one for their library and apparently they only got that one. And what is up with all the January Jones and James McAvoy articles and pictures from the set of X-Men? Um, hello, Michael Fassbender is playing MAGNETO... I reckon his character is the main draw to this film. Not to discount James, but... come on... where's Michael?

I watched a 2006 Masterpiece Theater adaptation of Jane Eyre a few weeks back, it starred Toby Stephens, and it was a very entertaining film. Is there a version of JE were Mr. Rochester is actually homely and unattractive? I'm sorry, but, Toby Stephens could frown all he wanted, but he was a good looking Mr. Rochester, so I reckon Michael will be a beautiful Mr. Rochester. This is silly, why not hire someone who is actually plain and regular looking, like, Philip Seymour Hoffman? But the caveat for Hollywood is - who will actually go see Jane Erye with Hoffman as Mr. Rochester? Tsk tsk tsk! And lastly, it was announced a few days ago that Michael will join a slew of British actors to do character voices in the Fable III video game. Because I don't play video games, I sadly will never know what Michael's contributions will sound like. But, it sounds like a fun project for him none the less.


Lex (Alexandra) said...

Hi! Well said about all the rumours!

About the Fable III game: I'm sure that there will be ample material on YouTube with all the conversations in Fable III. You can look them up when it's out for a few weeks; there will be enough I'm sure to hear Michael's voice! :)

And, if you really want it, I can send you my Centurion poster. It is a Dutch version though, but I have no place for it at home and I'm sure it'll do so much more justice at your home than rotting away in mine! Think about it and we can perhaps work something out with postage and stuff ;)

Cheers, Lex

Simone said...

Hello Lex! I was hesitant to speak on this issue, but my conversation with the young lady who emailed me prompted me to go ahead and write about this briefly.

I will look into the Youtube to see/hear Michael's contribution to Fable III... cripe, I haven't heard of Fable I or Fable II. I'm so not intuned to video games.

thanks for the Centurion poster offer. Please email me at for further discussion. :-)

Anonymous said...

Well written Simone!

I'm glad that you have decided not to post gossip and rumours. We should just respect him for his great work and leave the rest alone.

I hope his personal life stays out of the press from now on and he does whatever is necessary to protect himself. So far he has done an excellent job!

Can't wait to hear some more (work-related) news from this great website. keep it up!

Simone said...

Thank you very much. I appreciate your support! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi. Listen. I read your blog sometimes and it's good for a laugh and all, but don't even play. You've been just as guilty of gossip and petty "oh lord she poses for pictures in her underwear, tsk tsk" comments as anyone else. If not more. ("Lying ass ho"/"lying bitch" ring a bell?) You can edit your past posts with your font color=red code to aggrandize yourself as much as you want but that just draws attention to how petty you can be and have been about any woman who has come near Michael Fassbender for long enough to be photographed. And you know what I'm talking about. Let's not kid ourselves here. Saying "oh me?! I won't gossip!!" is shining a great big spotlight on your own past bullshit. Just give it up and stop talking about it [yes, even vaguely]; it's not the deflection you think it is. The internet doesn't forget, girl. Remember that and we'll all be so much better off.
Thank you for your time.

Simone said...

I don't deny that I have made comments about his ex. But previously, before the lying gossip, I tolerated her when many fans didn't. I was fair, snarky, but fair and even acknowledged her beauty. But when they broke up and she made up lies about him, I called her out on it.

My discussion about her was at a minimum and focused on the public events she attended with Michael. Referring to her in less than unpleasant terms were on the mailing list. And references to her on FF have been removed in light of the false allegations. And maybe you don't take sarcasm well, but 'blacking' out reference to her in an article was a joking attempt of editing the sentence, without actually removing said reference.

Chill out... or better yet, stop reading FF and unsub from the mailing list, girl.

Anonymous said...

I'm very chill. I'm an icecube in Antarctica. Your joke was very clear, no worries. It just wasn't funny. I mean, you know, it was funnier when Dick Cheney did it, which is really saying something.

All I'm trying to tell you is that constantly bringing this up with your "tee hee, we don't talk about THAT here!" and your passive-aggressive meddling stepmother on facebook "she who won't be named" jabs is just as bad as outright gossip, if even more annoying for the people who actually read through this blog. It's highly disingenuous, full stop. I'm sorry if that's not clear enough. I don't know how else to say it.

Simone said...

You're an idiot troll who makes no sense.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you're right; I could have tried to dumb that down some. But I've said my peace. Have a good evening, Simone. Good luck with the blog.

Anonymous said...

For what it's worth, I'm not a troll, just a regular fan who appreciates deeply a very talented and hardworking man who has a bright and long future ahead of him that's full of possibility, and even I agree with Anon. But what can you do? Love the man, skip over the blog commentary.