Monday, November 15, 2010

In 'About Damn Time' News: Fish Tank

Oh, when did I see 'Fish Tank'? Oh yeah, at the Toronto Int'l film Festival way back in September 2009! Finally, announced today, comes news that the uber impressive Criterion Collection will release Fish Tank on DVD in the US in February 2011. As per, they are just as excited as we Michael Fassbender fans are:

First off, the big announcement – Andrea Arnold’s 2009 masterpiece, FISH
TANK. This writer’s secondfavorite film of last year (right behind WHERE
THE WILD THINGS ARE), FISH TANK follows a 15 year old girl named Mia, who “is in a constant state of war with her family andthe world around her, without any
creative outlet for her considerable energies save a secret loveof hip-hop
dance. When she meets her party-girl mother’s charming new boyfriend Connor
(Michael Fassbender), she is amazed to find he returns her attention, and
believes he might help her start to make sense of her life.”

The film is a stunning, kitchen sink style drama that takes the now
popular neo-neo-realist style of filmmakers like Ramin Bahrani, and uses a truly
moving andpowerful narrative as the canvas on which to paint with those
verite-like colors. It’s got top notch performances from top to bottom, and
is easily one of my 20 favorite films from the past decade. Yes, it’s that
good. And so is this release.

Along with interviews with both Kierston Wareing and Fassbender, the film
comes with three of Arnold’s short films, MILK (1998), DOG (2001), and WASP
(2003) which won the director an Oscar. Toss in a great piece of cover art
(that sums up the film’s sense of alienation as well as its inherent sense of
energy), a trailer and some audition footage, and you have the must-own release
of the month. The film hits DVD and Blu-ray on the 22nd.

Sweet Jesus! Along with interviews with Michael, there will be three of Andrea Arnold's short films included on this DVD. This is MUST have!

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