Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Fassinating Year in Review 2010

As 2010 began, I really had no idea how this year was going to pan out. Being a hard core Michael Fassbender fan has made a difficult life feel at times, more fun and rewarding. It really is a pleasure having this blog as a creative outlet to share with the Internet world my fancying all things Michael. In just my second full year of blogging for Fassinating Fassbender, I am utterly amazed at what has been accomplished this year in honoring the celebrity subject of this blog. I had plans and hopes to interview him, but it actually happening is still mind boggling. And to top off the year, Michael Fassbender received my thank you gift and sent proof that he got it and enjoyed it. What more can a fan ask for? Well... I won't go there. LOL!

Personally, it has been an emotional roller coaster ride with work. I was seriously underemployed, overworked, and underpaid - the trinity of fuckery for a person's livelihood. But I persevered and found a new job (which I'm leaving on the 31st), took some management courses at college, and went on several fun holidays, and now I've found a new general manager job. Things are looking up for me both me and the blog in 2011!

Here is a monthly recap of some of the highlights of Michael's career this year:


Michael and the cast of Inglourious Basterds won the SAG award for Outstanding Cast in a Motion Picture!


Michael won Best Supporting Actor for 'Fish Tank' at the London Film Critics' Circle Awards. And he also provided great entertainment on his second appearance on the Late Late show with Ryan Tubridy by singing on stage with the band. As it was later revealed, he did it on a dare.


This was a quiet month, but full of love and support for Michael during a difficult time. Meanwhile, it was announced that Viggo Mortensen replaced Christoph Waltz in 'A Dangerous Method', thereby, making it more dangerous for women all over the world to watch this when it comes out next year. Viggo and Michael in one movie? Please.


'Centurion' was released this month. It took a whole friggin' five months for it to show in my neck of the woods. This is a great movie! Oh, and Michael celebrated 33 years on Earth.


'Jonah Hex' promotion starts full swing by releasing cool posters of the film. Although Michael doesn't have top billing, or a high profile marquee presence, he does appear on prominent PR pieces. And of course... the top news of the year for Fassinating Fassbender is the news that I got to interview Michael Fassbender!! Even though I worked hard for quite a while to get the interview, I did not take this for granted, and I get nervous and anxious thinking about the next interview opportunity. Any true and devoted fan of any artist who has the chance to interview their hero is humbled and empowered by the experience. I gained the trust of Michael and his agents, and some respect by fellow fans. All of this came about during a shaky transitional time with work, so it happened at the perfect time. Patient persistence pays off.


The exclusive first ever fan interview with Michael Fassbender was posted on June 4th! Also this month, Michael was filming 'Method' in Germany, Jonah Hex premiered, and he was then announced to be Magneto in the new X-Men movie. A very fun Fassy month!


Not a whole lot went down this month. We got some cool set photos of Fassy filming 'Method' with Keira and Viggo. Then there was the tease that Michael was going to be in 'Tinker/Spy', but he had to pull out of that. Just too damn busy.


Michael did not grant many media interviews in 2010, but I was able to find a nice Harrod's magazine interview. And there were just a few more final pap photo updates from his 'Method' filming. Otherwise, another quiet month.


My favorite month! Not only it is my birthday month, the anniversary month for FF, but it's TIFF month too! I spent five days in Toronto with dear friends who hooked my ass up with screening tickets and lovely accommodations. Also, Centurion finally debuted in the mid-west and I saw it on my birthday. And to close the month out, it was announced that Michael would team up again with his 'Hunger' director and friend, Steve McQueen for a film titled 'Shame' about a guy named Brandon, to be played by Fassy, who has sexual addiction issues. {{rubs hands and licks lips}}


First images from 'Method' are revealed. Michael is featured in 'A Working Class Hero is Something to Be', a film that was screened at the 54th BFI London Film Festival. This is a feature film with eight separate plot segments in it, and Michael's was titled 'Man on a Motorcycle'. Hmmm, I wonder if I can Netflix this one day.


Early in the month, as I prepare my holiday trip to London, I make plans to drop off a Thank You/Christmas package to Michael in care of his agents at Troika. A few fans contributed to the package. Also, in 'About damn time news', we finally get Jane Erye news, clips, and screen shots. We see what Michael looks like as Mr. Rochester (a little pale, cold, and constipated looking, but still fine). There's more information about 'Shame' and we learn that Carey Mulligan will co-star with Michael. And then Michael shows up in London, just days before I arrive, at a tribute programme for a friend at the Curzon Soho. I made that blog entry while in London.


On a snowy cold day in London, I venture out to Troika HQ and meet up with Michael's agents to deliver ze package. So excited it all went down without a hitch! I enjoy the rest of my holiday and come back home to face damn college exams and BS at work. But alas, as promised, Troika delivered and they gave Michael his present and they emailed me his picture wearing his Univ of Michigan cap.

A Trip to London. A Picture. A Smile. Priceless.

What a way to end the year for Fassinating Fassbender!

Watch out, 2011 is going to be Michael's stand out year with between 5 to 25 movies coming out or in pre-production! If you don't know Michael now, you WILL know him next year. That's a promise!

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