Saturday, December 11, 2010

Michael Movie Rumors

Movie rumors can be fun to read about, but when they cause confusion, it's not so much fun. Some reports this week say that Michael Fassbender is in talks for Ridley Scott's pre-quel to 'Alien', and he has been rumored to play an android. But a 20th Century Fox executive have killed the rumors. It may just be a red-herring before the actual green light, so I have my fingers crossed. Michael working with my second favorite director behind Cronenberg would be incredibly awesome!

Anyway, I found these extra few watermark stained images of Michael from November 25th to share with ya'll.


Gemma said...

Such beautiful photos! Esp. the 2nd and 3rd! I wish they were without watermarks! Anyone able to remove them?

Simone said...

Watermarks are evil, but I understand why they are used. I'll be on the lookout for unwatermarked images. :)

Gemma said...

Thanks a lot Simone.... can´t wait to see his Cheshire Cat smile without annoying marks! ;-))