Monday, December 6, 2010

My London Trip

Can you smile this wide? I did last week in London. Why?

It's back to reality now that I'm in Michigan after a fun week in London. There were several highlights: Monday night was a five-hour spa indulgence at Sanctuary (dinner, spa gifts, and champagne), Tuesday was Matthew Bourne's 'Cinderella' ballet (which was excellent & Laurent Perrier Rose champagne), and Thursday was Troika day! I planned a while ago that when I visited London, to make arrangements to drop off a Christmas package for Michael Fassbender and hand deliver it to guarantee that it would get to him.

Much time has passed for me to establish myself with Troika and it was my pleasure in being allowed to visit the office and give to Becky directly, a nice gift bag of goodies for Michael. Some readers of the Fassy News Network joined in with me and it was my honor to include their messages to Michael. I was assured Michael will receive the package and that put a grin on my face that rivals his brightest. I was so giddy upon leaving, I skipped down the winding stairs and almost tripped - it would have sucked big time breaking my leg, or neck, in London. LOL!

In addition to my Troika visit, I drank a LOT of champagne, and red wine, and white wine, and ate really well! I visited Notting Hill's Portobello Market and bought my brother a nice wool scarf made in Scotland, and a bought myself a shitload of chocolate! I discovered a brilliant store called Primark, and spent 13 minutes inside Harvey Nicks as I was out of my league. As usual, and timed with my visit to London, the Tube went on strike last Monday. WTF? Every time I visit London, those mofos go on strike, just to spite me, I know this! And then the snow came and all of the UK thought it was the end of the world. None of them would survive a winter in Michigan! But it was all good. I'm very exhausted from all the walking, flying, eating, drinking, but very fulfilled.

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