Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Top Five Fassy Film List for 2011

I don't believe I have seen this picture of Michael Fassbender and his 'Hunger' and 'Centurion' co-star/friend, Liam Cunningham. It's a cool photo and I envy Liam's tongue. :p

I'm so ready to see Jane Eyre. The year 2011 is going to rock so hard for Michael. I don't know what movie I'm more anxious to see, but I reckon, if I have to put it in a list, it is as follows:

1. A Dangerous Method
2. Jane Eyre
3. Shame
4. X-Men: First Class
5. Knockout
6. Anything else this boy is going to be in next year that hasn't been announced yet.

What's your Top 5 list for next year?


Chele Belle said...

Glad you made it back from London town.

My Fassy preferences for 2011:
1. Shame RE: Ummm he's playing a sex addict...:faint:
2. Jane Eyre RE: Cause I have yet to meet a Mr. Rochester I could not swoon over
3. A Dangerous Mind RE: I have heard that the sex scenes between Keira and him will have an S&M bent to them...and it has Viggo in it.
4. Any and all things he's in.

Edina said...

It's hard to choose, but I'll try. So,

1. A Dangerous Method: it sounds interesting, and Viggo plays in the film.
2. X-Men, because I'm a big fan of the comic book and the trilogy, and Magneto is my favourite character.
3. Jane Eyre: he's very sexy in the trailer. :D
4. Shame: four name: Fassbender, McQueen, Mulligan, Badge Dale.
5. Haywire: I like the story.