Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Bloody Shame (edited)

This entry has been updated with these two photos.

Hello and, hello. {evil giggle}

Thank you to Chele Belle for waking me out of a migraine to direct me to Just Jared where they have the first peak of Michael Fassbender on the set of his latest film in New York, 'Shame'. It's a shame that they merely mention Michael on the side as co-starring in the film with Carey Mulligan. Um, it's the other way around people - she's co-starring in HIS film. This is The Fassbender and ya'll best start respecting him now!

Anyhoo, it looks like in this image (these watermarks are ok until I find others), Michael's character got his ass whooped, perhaps while dealing with his sex life issues. 'Shame' is going to be delicious.

Source: Just Jared

ps. Please feel free to drop me an email like how Chele and Nagehan have done recently to inform me of articles/images of Michael. I work full-time, drive two hours roundtrip, and I'm taking two classes. The lovely extra eyes are GREATLY appreciated in helping me to keep Fassinating Fassbender updated. If you think it's old news, don't worry, please just email and share with me. You'll get finders credit! Thank you! xoxo

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