Saturday, February 26, 2011

Michael Fassbender in Entertainment Weekly

Photos by Richard Phibbs

I have not read the article yet. I was on a mission. When I learned that he was featured in the March 4th issue of Entertainment Weekly last night, I knew I would not be able to see or read it (and then scan it to post here at FF), until after I got off work today. Well, I left work, drove 55 miles home in snow (again!), passed 9 cars in ditches, one flipped over, I fishtailed on ice on M-14, but The Lord saw me home safe and sound. I ran over to Barnes and Noble, bought the issue, came home, scanned it, and Voila! Like I said, as I type this, I haven't even read it yet. But I'm going to now, with the rest of you. Enjoy!

BTW, this is a fantastic coup for Michael to be featured in EW. Next time, he'll get a cover, but this 4-page layout is brilliant by the looks of it, and... ohhhh, I can't wait to READ it!


Stella said...

Gasp..oh my dear. Michael photo shoots always fascinates me. Thank u Simone, really appreciated.


Simone said...
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Simone said...

You're welcome Stella, it's my absolute pleasure.

The photos are beautiful. But damnit, couldn't they have made Michael's name in smaller font in the second picture, it's covering up the most glorious part of said photo. ;-)

Charlene Flaironica said...

Gaaahhh...I saw First Class today and despite my LOW expectations (I really just wanted to see Fassy, while expecting everything else to look dumb) I LOVED IT!! But the best part of the experience was having my sis and my friend both say to me 'Ooh, that guy is hot. Who is he? Is he new??' Hah! While part of me is saying "Get away from my Fassy, he's MINE', another part of me is squeeing cos my BB is FINALLY getting the recognition he deserves!!