Friday, February 11, 2011

People are going gaga over Michael Fassbender!

Introducing, Michael Fassbender

Just to demonstrate the power of the X-Men fan base, the site visits that Fassinating Fassbender received yesterday was more than when my interview with Michael was published last spring. Amazing! I knew this would happen, and I'm also very happy to see that so many X-Men fans are excited about Michael in the role of Magneto. And speaking of Magneto, even though he is the 'bad guy' of the X-Men folks, he is still beloved by many fans of the comic, including myself, and I dare say he is the standout character that most fans of the comics closely pay attention to.

As the X-Men: First Class trailer was released yesterday, I monitored the Facebook site every half-hour to see when it would be unveiled, but then I had to leave for an Avon district meeting at 5:30pm EST. So when I came back home, the trailer was up for me to review and I loved it! I'm not a comic book geek by any means, but I do have my favorite comic characters, and X-Men is one of them. Throughout the Internet, people have been posting positive comments overall about the trailer, but mostly the positivity was focused on Michael.

Even at serious Oscar prognosticating websites like The Envelope, In Contention and Awards Daily, they all posted the trailer and commented accordingly. At Awards Daily, poster Five Easy Pieces enthusiastically proclaimed:

Five Easy Pieces says:
Thursday, February 10, 2011 at 8:43pm

Justification: Michael Fassbender is very pretty to look at.

Yes, I know that this is a site for serious film lovers and I think that’s great. And the guy is a great actor and will likely win an Oscar some day. His performance in “Hunger” is stunning.

But seriously, LOOK AT HIM. Those blue eyes. Ladies? Gay men? Anyone agree?

And yeah, the trailer makes the film look ten times better than that awful unofficial photo from a few weeks back.

Over at my favorite fun blog, My New Plaid Pants, Fassy-crazy Jason refers to First Class as 'X-Men: Muppet Babies'. I don't know what that implies, but it's funny and him being infatuated with Michael is cute and entertaining. Check him out daily as he has a habit of squeezing in something about Michael weekly. Today, he writes about how Michael cannot seem to NOT have the Sex Face. I agree.


Stella said...

Hello Simone,

Glad to found you blog, Michael is one of the promising actors in 2011, thanks to X-Men First Class and he made great steps choosing the Magneto role. I can't wait to see him on Jane Eyre too and gosh he really did a good choice with Prometheus.

And (sigh)..he's a very, verryy sexy man. Grrrahh..

Simone said...

Hello Stella,

I'm glad you found FF and are enjoying it thus far. It's a great time to become a Michael fan, and you're right, 2011 is going to be a awesome year for him, and his fans!

Yes, he be sexy!

JA said...

Sex face! Thanks for the link, Simone!