Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Quote of the Month!

When I read this, I just burst out laughing! Even horses love Michael Fassbender!

MIA Wasikowska had to put up with an over-excited horse while shooting the new Jane Eyre movie.

The Aussie actress, 21, says she was shocked when a horse she was working with on the classic drama got turned on about being on-screen.

“All I remember is that whenever my costar Michael Fassbender hopped on the horse, it would get a huge erection,” Mia said.

“The poor horse was just…really happy! And they had to keep running him around the block every time Michael hopped on him. So that kind of stalled our day of filming. The thing was just…dangling!

“That was day three. I remember that exactly and always will.”

Source: Showbizspy


Stella said...

Hi again Simone,

I read about it yesterday and I couldn't sop laughing..even the horse love him so much ha ha ha

Jordan said...

ROFLMAO!! It's like 2 in the morning and I'm just busting. XD