Thursday, March 24, 2011

Coming to A2 on April 2nd

April 2nd is the day I will go see 'Jane Eyre' at The Michigan Theater here in Ann Arbor. I'm so relieved that it's coming here so quickly, so I'm going to pass on watching it at the other theater that's far away from me that will play Jane Eyre tomorrow. Hell, what's another week?

And mind, it's not just another week, I will watch Jane Eyre on Michael's 34th birthday! What better way to celebrate the man's life and career by watching his latest film in the theater? The timing couldn't be more perfect. In the video above, it is from Sacramento & Co. and although Michael is still chained to that comfy chair, he is a bit more animated in this interview clip.

Have you collected your copy of the 'W' magazine featuring Michael and Mia on the cover? I did today and the pictures are even more glorious. Michael looked just as pretty as Mia even... she better watch her back! The photo of him holding the fencing mask awesomely displayed his PERFECTLY MANICURED MAN HANDS. He must wash his hands in a basin of baby tears. They're so marvelous! If he were caught on video licking his fingers from eating something sticky, it would be Finger Porn! Just imagine how good his massages would be.


Anyway, April 2nd is going to be an excellent day as I will be hanging out at the 40th Annual Hash Bash at the University of Michigan and then afterwards, eat some sushi, then go see Fassy and his Byronic fingers in Jane Eyre. Don't you wish you were me that day, or hanging out with me?

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