Friday, March 4, 2011

The Countdown to Jane Eyre

On March 11th, many Michael Fassbender fans here in the US will finally see him portray Mr. Rochester in 'Jane Eyre'. In preparation for that big day, the media interviews and marketing are now in full play. Earlier today when I was at the mall working, I passed by Papyrus, a beautiful store that sells high quality stationery and greeting cards, and I saw Michael's eyes. I thought I was imagining things, but upon closer look, it was a gigantic storefront window display of the Jane Eyre movie poster!

I made the immediate connection: Writing and Charlotte Bronte. Perfecto! I then visited the Papyrus website to see that they are sponsoring a private screening for Focus Features at three locations on March 10th, and they also have a wonderful sweepstakes contest to visit Bronte Country in Yorkshire, England. I'm so going to enter this contest and you should too!

As I mentioned before, there are a lot of interviews of Michael coming out as of late, but this one at is full of neat information about how Michael prepared for the role, and he also briefly discusses how he is filming Shame right now (btw, I updated Michael's wikipedia this morning to include the 'Shame' info). Apparently Michael really loved Tobey Stephen's 2006 portrayal of Mr. Rochester, and that's great to learn because I loved Tobey too, and I want Michael to use that performance as a comparison and make Mr. Rochester his own, but as sexy as how Tobey did. I'm quite sure he'll succeed!

And lastly, as per my announcement in the Fassy News Network newsletter last week, I asked if anyone would be interested in helping me out here at FF to provide backup for late breaking news and information when I am not able to. A few kind people offered their assistance and I look forward to utilizing their help in the future, but to start off, I need just one extra person right now and Chele Belle has kindly accepted the co-Contributor role. Many of you are familiar with her as she comments regularly, and I have mentioned her in posts thanking her for bringing information to my attention. She has clearly demonstrated her like of Fassinating Fassbender, and her LOVE for Michael Fassbender. Chele Belle will be responsible for updating FF with images and hot info when I'm bogged down at work or just can't get to a computer. As Michael's profile increases around the world due to his workload, we want FF to be a place for fans to come and have fresh information as soon as possible. Please welcome CB.

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