Friday, March 18, 2011

The End of Irish Week

You can really see the red in Michael's hair in these photos, taken from last week's NYC premiere of Jane Eyre. And as reported earlier this week, because Jane did so well in its limited release, the rest of us peasants can see it very soon. I will check it out next week when it comes to my area, but my friend Laurie will not be able to go with me as she's preparing to go to Hawaii for a week damn her and I know she'll have a great time, it's well deserved.

Yesterday was St. Patrick's Day and Michael was nowhere to be seen. I was hoping that we could get some pap photos of him hanging out at an authentic Irish pub somewhere in Manhattan, but it was not to be. Michael being the consummate professional, was probably very hard at work - possibly filming some shameless sex scenes for 'Shame' that was far away from windows.

Chele Belle posted images from the April 2011 issue of W (out on March 22) to my relief, they are beautiful and I want that white t-shirt that Michael is wearing, you know, the one shoulder strap shirt. But I'll totally have to wear a bra with that bad boy. And again, I'm really excited that Fassinating Fassbender has been receiving loads of visits from people who are new to the world of Fassy. Welcome everyone!

And lastly, I got an email from a nice girl named Sarah who discovered FF last week and she has been studying it by reading all of the entries. And after reading my Michael interview, she wanted to see that Ryan Tubridy (Feb 2010) show video where Michael was singing. I was able to track it down and send it to her, and so needless to say, her life was kinda complete. I visited her tumblr and it's awesome. I'm indifferent to tumblr, most tumblr's are like Livejournals, but the crack version of livejournal (a lot of them are written by very young and hyper ADD types of people)... whereas hers is pretty cool and not only is it inundated with things fassy, but she has the Nine Inch Nails soundtrack from 'The Social Network' playing and it is PERFECT! She must never ever change the music because it flows so damn well with the Fassy images she has.

Upon viewing her tumblr, she makes me look like a lazy bastard as she has screencaps from some of his earlier tv work that I have yet to see. I've also stated that as much as I love Michael Fassbender and his work, I do have a life and I have not seen everything. One day I will, but that's the fun thing in being a Fassinator, you take this shit one thing at a time. But sarah's tumblr is an uber edition of the Michael Fassbender Cliff Notes, so, do yourself a favor and check it out!

Linky -

I'm about to go and donate some blood to the Red Cross, and I will come back home and finally watch Fish Tank which I received from Netflix four days ago. I saw it at TIFF '09, so I've only seen it once before. I've been overwhelmed with work and I had a day off to chill and dedicate it to watching a cool movie.


Sarah P. said...

Simone you are too kind for writing those amazing words about me...really, so humble right now.

and just as i was reading what you said about my music i was debating about changing the song...but maybe i'll wait a while now as you seem to enjoy it haha

thanks again, and long live the fandom! ;)

Anonymous said...

If you still have the vid of him singing on the Late Show and would be willing to post it, that'd be amazing. I can't find it anywhere.

Simone said...

Here you go Anon - link!