Monday, March 14, 2011

A Great Weekend for Jane Eyre

According to IndieWire, The Michael Fassbender edition of 'Jane Eyre' did very well this past weekend in its limited release on just 4 screens in Los Angeles and New York. The film's box office was $182,317, with NYC's Lincoln Square generating $54,387 of that amount. That's huge and great news for us because Focus Features will expand Jane Eyre next weekend to more markets where more fans of this novel will be able to see it!

One of the regular posters at The Envelope explained that it is financial suicide for a film like Jane Eyre to go into wide release immediately - there's just not the budget to do so, and this type of film is high art, and it has to prove that it can sell seats at theaters. Well, Jane Eyre did it in the markets that pretty much dictate what the rest of America will or will not like. I love both NY and LA, but I'm tired of them being the test ground for what I will like. But, my argument is like talking to a brick wall with graffiti on it - the point is moot.

In any event, maybe I'll see Jane Eyre before March 25th, if not, I'll just wait until then.

I know we are all waiting for the images to be released from the April 2011 issue of W featuring Mia and Michael, but I have seen a few very rough black & white images on the Internet. But at this tumblr link, there is a more decent presentation of the photo shoot. It's still all in B&W, but it looks nicer. I hope the images are in color when we see them!

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