Monday, March 28, 2011

Timewarp Fassy: 2003 - Things I Notice

THINGS I NOTICE - a short film by Bindu de Stoppani from Bindu de Stoppani on Vimeo.

This past week, Oh No They Didn't finally started to make a tag for Michael Fassbender posts, and they are coming frequently now. Most of the stuff people post is something I have already covered here at FF or its redundant stuff. But today, they found a goldmine! A short video of Michael Fassbender done in 2003 by Bindu de Stoppani. She is the girl Maggie in the video, and Michael is Tom. They flirt in a laundromat and it's pretty cute and corny. Michael looks so young and fresh, and very thin.

The video is at Bindu's webpage where you can see her other work. But for now, enjoy this 10-minute video featuring Michael and Bindu that was shown on Swiss television back in the day.

Source: Bindu de Stoppani

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Anonymous said...

Brilliant!! :) That was a nice treat.