Friday, March 11, 2011

Two weeks

Just a few more Michael photos I found. He is arriving for the NYC Jane Eyre premiere.

I will have to wait two whole entire full weeks before I get to sit in a plush red theater seat to watch Jane Eyre in the Detroit area. The hell? The Landmark Theater in Bloomfield Hills, MI will be the only theater in the entire state of 10 million people to show the film starting March 25th. That is so not fair. The reviews have been mixed but most are definitely positive. At the The Envelope forums, there is a thread dedicated to reviews of the film and comments by regular posters. So please refer to that link if you want a one place source of Jane Eyre reviews by movie fans.

To all the fans and readers of Fassinating Fassbender who are in Japan or have loved ones there, my prayers are with you in the aftermath of the terrible earthquake and tsunami.

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