Thursday, March 3, 2011

Would you?

I wonder if Michael Fassbender has any idea how much 'Shame' will make his career explode. Already, based on the released images of his filming in NYC in the past couple days, loads of comments from people who are just *now* learning who he is, are giving their two cents about him and his current role - and it's overwhelmingly positive. And then there are the gossip bloggers who are paid to write filler commentary to accompany the pictures, and they carry on as if they know Michael and have the latest, most accurate information about him. They are only demonstrating to me that they don't know shit and they lazily and obediently regurgitate half-ass insufficient rumors as fact. It's pitiful and funny at the same time. And well, that's why Fassinating Fassbender is here. Simone is wearing her bullshit goggles and I'll try my best to help spread accurate information about Michael and his career, not what people think they need to know about him.

For fun, I created a new poll based on Michael's character in 'Shame'. Go ahead and answer it honestly. Get in touch with your inner skank and be frank... just like me. :D

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