Friday, April 29, 2011

Fassinating Fassbender mentioned in New York Times Interview with Michael

I got up at 3:30 pm like a lot of Midwestern Anglophiles to watch the beautiful wedding of Prince William and Catherine. Then at 9am, I reviewed for my final exam, and took that at 11am and got a 94 score. Then I went for a lovely walk in the sunshine, and I just came back home to watch Disc 2 of the AMC channel's 'The Walking Dead' that I got from Netflix this morning. But before watching it, I logged onto my computer and checked the Google reader for the latest end of the week Internet articles on Michael, and I clicked on the link to the New York Times link.

I was excited to see what this esteemed newspaper website would write up about Michael. All was going well until I got to the second to last paragraph and I covered my mouth and yelled out a few 'Oh My Gods' and 'Holy Shits', when I read that Fassinating Fassbender's interview with Michael was referenced! This is so awesome! What a way to top off a day, and it's not even 3pm yet! I'm so excited because, this is The New York Times! Do you have any idea how many people read this newspaper? And the printed version of this article will be available in the May 1st edition on page MT2. I'm so buying a copy and laminating it!

Mr. Fassbender does not want to behave in an actorly manner. “I don’t like to put anyone else through my process,” he said. And he does not want to become a movie star. “I don’t think I’m particularly interesting,” he continued. “I don’t want people to know what I get up to. I feel like a bit of a jerk sometimes, talking about myself.”
But he is unfailingly patient with people who think otherwise. Last year he gave a long telephone interview to the Fassinating Fassbender fan site. “On the fifth ring, at 1 p.m. G.M.T., Michael picked up the phone like he would any other call,” the interviewer wrote. “That’s how cool he is.” In the interview Mr. Fassbender apologized for not participating more in fan discussions on the site, explaining that as he is “not one for e-mail and all that,” he hoped “none of you feel disheartened that I haven’t popped in” to the Web site.

Naturally, I wanted to highlight this portion, but please go here to read the entire interview at the New York Times website. I'll also write more about this in the Fassy News Network newsletter that I'll post later this afternoon. So if you ain't a subscriber already, go ahead and sign up.

Thank you Sarah Lyall for your thorough research in preparing for your interview with Michael by being the first world renowed media organization to reference the Fassinating Fassbender blog and interview with Michael Fassbender! You really made a great day even more fantastic!


JA said...

Congrats, Simone! That's so cool!

Simone said...

Thank you Jason!

I bought a copy of the Sunday newspaper, and the article is even more glorious in actual print.


MLM said...

A well-deserved mentioned! Keep up the good work!