Friday, April 8, 2011

Michael has started filming Prometheus

Since there have been no updates about the 'Shame' filming, I figured Michael may have moved on to his next project, and he has, he's been three weeks into filming Ridley Scott's Prometheus. Michael is excited about his role as an android in this pre-quel to Alien.

“I walk on the set and I feel like I’m walking on a spaceship,” Fassbender said. “It’s breathtaking. All the various panels and screens and it’s just dealing with a top-notch art department and carpenters and the riggers and everything that goes into putting that together. It’s just, well, breathtaking, all of it.”

I have all Alien films, even Alien vs Predator in my collection, so you know I am anxious to see this one!

Fassbender wasn’t at liberty to say too much about the film but I asked him if the character he’s portraying has been especially elusive or if the contours are made clear by the script. “I feel I’ve got it at my fingertips, it’s there but challenging and, you know, I’m excited. I’ve got a few ideas that I’m running with and I think I’ve got a grasp on it but it’s always something that, organically, moving on its own course. I’m having a lot of fun with it. There’s a lot of interesting quirks and niches to him and I’m having a lot of fun exploring it.”
Have fun on this project Michael!

Source: LA Times


Jennifer Lynn said...

I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm looking forward to this movie, although I'm still a bit tetchy about it. I've only seen Aliens 3 out of the original trilogy, but knowing this will be a prequel with Michael as an android means we might have a survivor at the end (ala Winona Ryder). I've tried watching the first two Alien movies, and end up watching the majority of them with my hands in front of my face, peeking through my fingers. (Movies where alien critters take up residence in humans and animals gives me the wiggins.)

Simone said...

You've only seen 'Aliens 3'? Jennifer, please netflix the first two so that you have a much better perspective of this saga. The third was the weakest and strangest of all Alien movies. But, it will also allow you to see what all three 'artificial persons' are like in the films to prepare for what to expect from Michael.