Saturday, May 7, 2011

Haywire in August and Trance in September

Last night I took an allergy pill that acted like a covert sleeping pill, so I fell asleep very early last night before I could learn about the two latest news about Michael Fassbender. So on this Saturday morning, I have a few updates and an administrative announcement.

Firstly, as per the release of several high concept one sheet posters, the long over due Steven Soderbergh film, 'Haywire', may be released in August. That's a good month for CIA type spy movies. In this film, starring Gia Carano as a black ops betrayed by a bunch of bastard guys, she pays them back by kicking all their asses, and it looks like Michael's ass is one those that will get punished as you can see in two of these stills from the film. I love girl power, and this is going to be a very interesting film. Thanks to MLM for bringing this news to my attention!

Secondly, it has been announced by Variety that Michael is in negotiations with Danny Boyle to star in 'Trance'.
Michael Fassbender is in talks to join "Trance," which Danny Boyle is set to direct.
The edgy thriller concerns an art heist gone wrong. Pic, which will feature a similar budget to "Slumdog Millionaire" and "127 Hours," is expected to hit theaters in March 2013.

This is incredible news as yet again, Michael may be teaming up with another acclaimed, and Oscar-winning director. Michael must be the envy of many of his peers in his age group because he just keeps landing one high-profile project after another. I've seen many of Danny Boyle's movies and believe it or not, 'Sunshine' is the one that comes to mind as being my top Boyle favorite, only because I'm a sci-fi space drama fan. Also, I have seen Danny several times at TIFF. In 2009, he was in the row right in front of me in watching Lars Von Trier's 'Antichrist'. Just sitting there in the audience like a regular movie loving bloke. Then I saw him in 2010 at the '127 Hours' screening and Q&A. I like him, he looks like a geeky professor. So if  'Trance' comes to fruition, expect a great film!

Thirdly, as June 3rd approaches, the day 'X-Men: First Class' debuts, a lot of interviews and media reports will be coming out especially as the summer film season starts in just a couple weeks, I received a nice email from an intern at iVillage who informed me that Michael is listed on their 'Sexy Superheros' image gallery at iVillage. So check it out!

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MLM said...

The promo art looks amazing! I can't wait for this film!!!