Sunday, May 15, 2011

Just Magneto

A whole boat load of stills from X-Men:First Class were released this weekend, and I'm categorically biased and only focusing on Michael Fassbender, aka Magneto. I have no shame, and I'm sure ya'll appreciate my bias. Just a few more weeks until June 3rd when we'll finally be able to see First Class and see Fassy on the red carpet promoting it!

Thank you Hangelic for your comments in the Guest Book, you made me blush. xoxo

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MLM said...

I have my calender set for June 3rd! Btw, I live in Los Angeles, drive around everywhere, and I'm noticing a dearth of promotional posters for "X-Men: First Class". No billboards, just the occasional "X" emblem poster slapped on to the side of an obscure building or the wall of construction site passageway. It opens less than a month. "Thor", in contrast, got a major roll out at least two months before the opening with huge billboards on Highland Ave near the Kodak theater and posters at literally every bus stop in town. I wonder if other FF fans in L.A. notice this as well.