Friday, May 13, 2011

More Michael, by Henry

If not for blogger's maintenance issues, I would have posted this yesterday. However, as you may have read already, Indiewire got their hands on the 'Shame' script and it has some spoilers in there, but apparently not the main "surprise ending" spoiler, to my relief. I can appreciate some contextual spoilers, but not the full monty. If you haven't read it, go there to read up on it.

Meanwhile, it looks like I may have overlooked some outtake images from Michael's Henry Leutwyler photo shoot that Getty posted up either just a few days ago or it's been up there for a while, I think it's the former. I haven't seen these images anywhere else, so, we'll have to deal with these watermarks for now to close out a quiet week on the Fassy front.


MLM said...

A most noble and beautiful face. Photographer Henry Leutwyler was right about Fassbender when he said that “With this cannot get a bad picture.”

Simone said...

Michael is a very handsome man. Sometimes he looks very ordinary good looking, other times he can be strikingly gorgeous. He has the perfect Germanic jawbone, those deep set eyes and high cheekbones.

MLM said...

Michael's Teutonic features really shine in photographs where he's not covered in facial hair, though he wears a beard and mustache better than anyone. Michael's magnetic presence remind me of the great German silent film actor, Conrad Veidt, "the sublime mask of expressionism". Their level of expressiveness requires little dialogue.