Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Silly Speculation

My guilty, guilty daily pleasure is reading the UK's Daily Mail. I know, it's a rag of the highest order, but it's a guilty pleasure and I take stuff there with a grain of salt. But today I read something there that has prompted me to go into Fassbender protective mode and do my little thing to help kill a rumor. If you read this gossipy article, and many others like it on the net today, many lazy "reporters" are speculating that Michael is responsible for one of his X-Men co-star's pregnancies. I feel stupid even making a comment about it because I'm not particularly fond of or care about said female, but Michael's name is being used in a most skanky way and that's not right. He works very hard in his career and he is professional and responsible. To use him for gossip fodder when he's not involved at all is rude, it's all part of the Hollywood game, but this type of game is ridiculous.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately I've heard he's hooked up with Zoe Kravitz too. They make it sound like he's making the rounds on the X-Men set. Whatever. Still excited for the movie!

Simone said...

The Zoe thing makes me yawn a litte, but otherwise, it's harmless. However, this baby daddy drama crap is just plain stupid.

I'm excited to watch X-Men too!