Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Dangerous Method First Peek Trailer

The formatting of the video here is off, so go to Youtube for a better view.

A few days ago, a bootleg version of this trailer was leaked, then snatched away before I could watch it. So I'm very thankful that it has reappeared in a much more clean version of a film that I have been anticipating since it was announced. It looks intriguing by first glance, but not enough has been revealed to judge it. But really... does one need any other excuse other than that one must watch it BECAUSE Michael is in it? Surely there are gigantic Viggo Mortensen and Keira Knightely fans... and I'm one of them, but, Michael being in it, yet again, just ups the ante a tad.

He looks remarkable as Carl Jung, and Viggo looks smart as Sigmund Freud... and Keira, always looks and acts in top form as a period woman with some kind of issue.

And speaking of Viggo, as some of you are aware, for quite a while, I had a little blog devoted to Viggo's career. However, in the past year, I have been much more obligated to the Fassbender blog and I could not keep up to date on things about Viggo. Not enough was going on with him as consistently as there is with Michael to continue hanging onto a thin thread due to some outdated sense of duty, to fairly commit solid time to writing about Viggo's career. So on Sunday, I deleted the blog without announcement - I haven't updated it since March. Oh I still care about Viggo's career... I just don't have the time anymore to pay as close attention to him. And with my creating the fun tumblr for FF... I didn't want to spread myself too thin, and with several web based ventures focused on Michael, it just seemed sensible to just completely focus on one celebrity theme. As I was writing to someone the other day, over the years, I have fancied the lives and careers of quite a handful of pretty cool and amazing people, from authors, to musicians, to actors. But I truly believe that my 'fassination' with Michael will be a very long-term commitment, and out of deep and true respect to him, and to MY own personal time management, he will be the only, and the last actor I will dedicate such a level of creative energies to. So, I'm sorry to those remaining few who loyally visited The Viggo Chronicles in hopes that I would get my ass in gear and continue to write about such a brilliant man, but I had to just cut the ties immediately and make a statement about it in the next FF blog entry.

In any event, as 'A Dangerous Method' promo time approaches, I do look forward to using that opportunity to mention Viggo in lieu of his co-star Michael, as they both (hopefully) make it to Toronto for the North American debut of this film in September.


Anonymous said...

"He [that is, Michael Fassbender] will be the only and the last actor I commit such a level of creative energies to"...

I feel exactly the same :)

xo for this blog !! Can't wait to read your reports from


Anonymous said...

oops, except for one other, who shall remain nameless, that's between him & me :)


AidanM said...

Fassbender will be great in this role i think. Can't wait! In the meantime i'm being pretty entertained by this tumblr. it's random beyond words: http://michaelfassbenderwithpugs.tumblr.com/